Terminus Tops G2 Report for 13 Consecutive Quarters

Since the very beginning, the Terminus team has focused on being customer-obsessed. While this isn’t a new idea, it’s one that has really shaped the DNA of our company. We care about our customers deeply and sincerely, and we’re not only rooting for your success, but we’re also working side-by-side to make it happen.

So, when our customers share their feedback about the platform, their experience with our team, or even their general thoughts and feelings on any given Tuesday, we listen — and we take it seriously.

That’s why we care about G2’s quarterly grid reports so much — hearing directly from our customers on what they love and what they want to see us focus on.

Based on aggregated reviews from G2’s user community, along with data pulled from online sources and social networks, this report stacks Terminus against competitors in the eyes of the most important judges: customers.

This quarter, Terminus was named a leader in seven categories:

Terminus also earned a “High Performer” designation in four categories, Platform Orchestration, Chatbots, Live Chat and Buyer intent.

We’re so incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we know our work is never done.

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