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The Tournament of Fictional Email Signatures

Here at Sigstr, we honor our team’s favorite shows, movies, and celebrities by creating their hypothetical email signatures. And during the month of March, we highlighted 64 of those email signatures with a little friendly competition. We put together a bracket-style tournament and asked Sigstr friends and family to determine the winners for each round. Thus, the Tournament of Fictional Email Signatures was born.

And the winner is…

fictional email signatures

Michael Scott! Round by round, the “World’s Best Boss” proved why he has the world’s best fictional email signature.

Thank you to everyone who voted throughout the month of March! Over 200 voters and 500 total submissions helped us determine the first-ever Fictional Email Signature Champion (well deserved, Prison Mike)! We couldn’t have done it without your participation, so thanks again for making this tournament so much fun.

Now sit back and relax, queue the music, and check out the final results below or entire bracket here.

fictional email signatures

Final Four results and highlights

It’s a shame there isn’t a Dundie for “best email signatures” so Michael Scott could present it to himself. After defeating the mighty Darth Vader in the Final Four, this Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton has punched his ticket to the Championship. Awaiting him in the main event is an over-achiever from Pawnee, Indiana who racked up so many votes against Chris Traeger it literally wasn’t even close.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” a few wise men once said (Wayne Gretzky and Michael Scott). Is this Michael’s shot to become a Fictional Email Signature Champion? Or will the “Knope she can!” campaign earn Leslie enough Championship votes to win it all?

See how they got here in the bracket (above), round-by-round results (below), or the Final Four results report. And submit your Championship vote to decide their fate.

Final Four matchup results

  • Michael Scott (57%) defeats Darth Vader (43%)
  • Leslie Knope (68%) defeats Chris Traeger (32%)

Final Eight results and highlights

It’s been a long winding road all month long to the Fictional Final Four and now we’re finally here. All thanks to an exciting round 4 that sent half of the email signatures home, and the other half to the promise land.

The left side of the bracket had 2 dominating performances from Darth Vader and Michael Scott, setting up a “World’s Best Boss” vs. “Galaxy’s Ultimate Villain” matchup in the Final Four. The right side included 2 gutsy performances from a couple of Pawnee government employees who now find themselves in a Parks and Rec showdown with a trip to the championship on the line.

You know the drill – use the bracket (above), matchup list (below), or round 4 results report to catch up on all of the fictional email signature action.

Final Eight matchup results

  • Darth Vader (59%) defeats Joyce Byers (41%)
  • Michael Scott (67%) defeats Tom Haverford (33%)
  • Chris Traeger (52%) defeats Tyrion Lannister (48%)
  • Leslie Knope (53%) defeats Buddy the Elf (47%)

Round 3 results and highlights

16 email signatures and 8 head-to-head matchups entertained fans this round as we saw an Elf from the North (pole) take down the King in the North, 52% to 48%. Pawnee’s fearless leader from the Parks Department won in convincing fashion against Kylo Ren as her voters continue to shout, “Knope she can!” And how about that Star Wars showdown between Darth Vader and Han Solo?

Each of these round 3 winners have earned their right into the prestigious Fictional Final 8. Catch up on all of the action in the bracket (above), matchup list (below), or round 3 results report. The drama continues to build as the stakes get even higher in round 4. Who will the voters pick to move on to the Final 4?

Bracket 1

  • Joyce Byers (54%) defeats Jim Halpert (46%)
  • Darth Vader (57%) defeats Han Solo (43%)

Bracket 2

  • Tom Haverford (57%) defeats Prince (43%)
  • Michael Scott (58%) defeats Leia Organa (42%)

Bracket 3

  • Chris Traeger (54%) defeats Homer Simpson (46%)
  • Tyrion Lannister (61%) defeats Hermione Granger (39%)

Bracket 4

  • Leslie Knope (65%) defeats Kylo Ren (35%)
  • Buddy the Elf (52%) defeats Jon Snow (48%)

Round 2 results and highlights

Round 1 set the tone, but round 2 certainly did not disappoint. Some are saying this is the most competitive fictional email signature action they have seen in decades. It’s hard to argue with that statement when 8 of this round’s 16 matchups ended in a 50% something to 40% something result. This included a couple of 51% to 49% buzzer beaters, where Kylo Ren defeated Joey Tribbiani and Tyrion Lannister took down Luke Skywalker in the much anticipated “daddy issues showdown”.

On the flip side, we also witnessed total domination from Jim Halpert, Joyce Byers, Buddy the Elf, and Darth Vader. And now we’re onto the next round where 16 email signatures and 8 hilariously entertaining matchups await our votes. Check out the bracket (above) or matchup lists (below) to catch up on all of the early round action. You can also view the full round 2 results report here.

Bracket 1

  • Joyce Byers (76%) defeats Luna Lovegood (24%)
  • Jim Halpert (83%) defeats Nancy Wheeler (17%)
  • Darth Vader (70%) defeats Kevin McCallister (30%)
  • Han Solo (53%) defeats Andy Dwyer (47%)

Bracket 2

  • Prince (51%) defeats Dustin Henderson (49%)
  • Tom Haverford (57%) defeats The Grinch (43%)
  • Michael Scott (67%) defeats Eleven (33%)
  • Leia Organa (53%) defeats Dwight Schrute (47%)

Bracket 3

  • Chris Traeger (52%) defeats Rachel Green (48%)
  • Homer Simpson (62%) defeats Frosty (38%)
  • Tyrion Lannister (51%) defeats Luke Skywalker (49%)
  • Hermione Granger (65%) defeats Katy Perry (35%)

Bracket 4

  • Leslie Knope (65%) defeats Andy Bernard (35%)
  • Kylo Ren (51%) defeats Joey Tribbiani (49%)
  • Buddy the Elf (73%) defeats Lady Gaga (27%)
  • Jon Snow (56%) defeats Phil Dunphy (44%)

Round 1 results and highlights

Wow! What a round it was to kick off the tournament. 140+ voters determined who advanced and who went home. We saw unexpected upsets, lopsided victories, and even a few nail-biting matchups that came down to the last few votes.

Highlights included a a dominating performance from Michael Scott with his 88% to 12% win against Ron Weasley (the biggest margin of victory in round 1). And how about that Homer Simpson vs. Harry Potter matchup? Just a few votes proved to be enough as Homer squeaked by with the 51% to 49% win. Speaking of 51/49, our favorite hairy co-pilot made it interesting against the King in The North.

Check out the bracket (above) or matchup list (below) to see all of the round 1 results. Or, view the full results report here.

Bracket 1

  • Joyce Byers (51%) defeats Chandler Bing (49%)
  • Luna Lovegood (55%) defeats Goldie Wilson (45%)
  • Jim Halpert (68%) defeats Daenerys Targaryen (32%)
  • Nancy Wheeler (55%) defeats The Incredible Hulk (45%)
  • Darth Vader (82%) defeats Carl Winslow (18%)
  • Kevin McCallister (57%) defeats Phoebe Buffay (43%)
  • Han Solo (65%) defeats Beyoncé (35%)
  • Andy Dwyer (66%) defeats Wolverine (34%)

Bracket 2

  • Prince (58%) defeats Doctor Emmett Brown (42%)
  • Dustin Henderson (66%) defeats Brienne of Tarth (34%)
  • Tom Haverford (74%) defeats Danny Tanner (26%)
  • The Grinch (60%) defeats Star-Lord (40%)
  • Eleven (60%) defeats Monica Geller (40%)
  • Michael Scott (88%) defeats Ron Weasley (12%)
  • Leia Organa (77%) defeats U2 (23%)
  • Dwight Schrute (52%) defeats Hodor (48%)

Bracket 3

  • Rachel Green (54%) defeats Santa Claus (46%)
  • Chris Traeger (52%) defeats Kevin Malone (48%)
  • Homer Simpson (51%) defeats Harry Potter (49%)
  • Frosty (57%) defeats Madonna (43%)
  • Tyrion Lannister (56%) defeats George McFly (44%)
  • Luke Skywalker (74%) defeats Lucas Sinclair (26%)
  • Katy Perry (54%) defeats Professor X (46%)
  • Hermione Granger (60%) defeats Arya Stark (40%)

Bracket 4

  • Leslie Knope (74%) defeats Ross Geller (26%)
  • Andy Bernard (72%) defeats Fred & George Weasley (28%)
  • Joey Tribbiani (52%) defeats Will Byers (48%)
  • Kylo Ren (62%) defeats Deadpool (38%)
  • Lady Gaga (51%) defeats Tim Taylor (49%)
  • Buddy the Elf (72%) defeats Donna Meagle (28%)
  • Phil Dunphy (64%) defeats Marty McFly (36%)
  • Jon Snow (51%) defeats Chewbacca (49%)

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