Uberflip and Sigstr Partner to Provide Brand New Distribution Channel for Personalized Content

If you’re an Uberflip user today, or you’re at least thinking about making the investment, it’s safe to assume your team is committed to delivering a top-notch content experience for your customers and prospects. It’s a commitment we highly respect, and one we have made ourselves as Uberflip customers.

Once a team is confident in their ability to deliver a stellar content experience, the next priority is to direct more traffic to the Resource Hub and get their content in front of the right audience. (Clears throat)…allow us to introduce your new favorite channel for promoting content.

Everyday Email: The Perfect Channel for Personalized Content

Think of the billions of emails you and your employees send out of Gmail or Outlook every year. Not only are these brand impressions with your most important audience, they also represent thousands upon thousands of opportunities to promote your best content. Teams today use email signature marketing to turn these missed marketing opportunities into a brand new channel for content distribution. And with Sigstr, you can now connect your Uberflip-powered content into every email sent by your employees.

Easily Connect Uberflip Content to Email Signature Campaigns

While creating a new email signature campaign in Sigstr, users can select “Connect To Platform” and see their Uberflip content right within Sigstr. Simply select the stream you want the banner to promote and launch within minutes.

Deliver Account-Specific Content to ABM Targets

Shared customer, Snowflake, is using the integration for their award-winning ABM program. Their account-specific email signature banners lead to personalized content streams tailored to the target account.

A Trackable Distribution Channel for Your Content

By connecting both platforms, Sigstr will also automatically append UTM parameters so users can track traffic and conversions sourced from their employees’ email signatures in Google Analytics. For us, as everyday users of both platforms, email signature marketing has emerged as the third leading source of traffic to our Resource Hub (just behind search and direct traffic).

More on Today’s Big News

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Uberflip’s great team and innovative platform. This integration has already brought tremendous value to our own email signature marketing strategy (as you can see in the GIF above). With the power of employee email joining forces with Uberflip’s Content Experience Platform, this integration is sure to become a game-changer for content marketers and ABM execution.

Uberflip and Sigstr Integrate to Bring Personalized Content into Every Employee Email

Leading Email Signature Marketing Solution and Content Experience Platform Partner to Provide Brand New Distribution Channel to Deliver Personalized Content

Toronto and Indianapolis, November 28, 2018 – Uberflip, the leading content experience platform, and Sigstr, the leading email signature marketing platform, today announced an integration that allows B2B marketers to easily and accurately deliver personalized content streams into every email their employees send. This integration gives marketers a brand new distribution channel through the corporate email system that personalizes content based on who’s receiving the email.

Billions of one-to-one emails are sent by companies every year, but too often these emails are overlooked as an effective content distribution channel. By assigning content streams to segments like target accounts, personas, or geographics, shared Sigstr and Uberflip customers can be sure that every email contains a relevant call-to-action, regardless of who’s sending it. By providing cross-platform click-through and conversion analytics, marketers can understand who’s engaging with Uberflip content experiences.

“Content is the fuel of every B2B marketing team, but all too often that content collects dust as distribution channels become saturated and segmenting becomes too time-consuming,” said Sigstr CEO, Bryan Wade. “I am so excited about this integration because it delivers Uberflip’s amazing content experiences to a massive audience via Gmail, Outlook, etc.— whether you’re promoting content to the entire world or delivering account-specific content through your ABM strategy.”

Shared customer, Snowflake Computing, is using the integration to deliver account-specific banners in employee emails that lead to personalized content streams tailored to their target accounts. “You can’t use mass emails in an account-based strategy. Personal one-to-one emails are the best way to deliver content and using Sigstr and Uberflip together has become one of our most effective ABM channels,” said Daniel Day, Director of ABM at Snowflake.

“Delivering personalized content experiences is key to any business,” said Yoav Schwartz, Co-Founder and CEO at Uberflip. “Our customers will now be able to take their content a step further, by connecting these two technologies to distribute their experiences straight to the inbox in a very personalized, targeted way.”

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