Sigstr Wins Uberflip’s Tech Partner of the Year

Peanut butter and jelly. Burgers and fries. Milk and cookies. Uberflip and Sigstr.

We are thrilled and humbled that Uberflip recently named Sigstr their Tech Partner of the Year at this year’s Conex Conference in Toronto. Over the past year with Uberflip, we’ve been lucky enough to build things together, travel all over North America together, and even drink beers and play with dogs together (another awesome combination!). If we had a Tech Partner award, we’d give one right back to them.

What is Uberflip and how does it work with Sigstr?

If you’re not familiar with Uberflip, here’s the quick version! Uberflip takes your content game to the next level by creating beautiful, immersive, and binge-able content experiences that ignite B2B relationships. Sigstr’s ability to turn employee email into a high-volume and hyper-targeted B2B ad channel seemed like the perfect way to promote relevant Uberflip content streams to precisely the right audiences. In December of 2018, we launched an integration that connects targeted Sigstr banners with Uberflip streams accompanied by rich analytics.

How are people using Sigstr + Uberflip?

The moment the integration launched, Snowflake’s ABM team began connecting hundreds of their 1:1 targeted campaigns in Sigstr to personalized, account-specific Uberflip content streams. When they started boasting stats like, “100% engagement on target accounts” and “50% of all content consumed through 1:1 campaigns,” people took notice. In an account-based environment, there are really only three ways to directly engage with your audience: 1:1 email, direct mail, or an old-fashioned phone call. Of those mediums, only email provides the opportunity for a targeted, clickable call-to-action that puts them directly in front of a tailored content experience.

How did Sigstr win Tech Partner of the Year?

It started with a powerful integration – one that solves real problems and makes a techstack better than the sum of its parts. The opportunities to partner with other companies is endless, but if there’s not a shared goal and “skin in the game” from both partners, it’s difficult to turn a partnership into revenue. Luckily, Uberflip’s team went above and beyond to dedicate the technical resources required to build a killer integration.

After that, we made time for our respective customer-facing teams to get fully enabled. Booking your entire go-to-market team for 30-60 minutes is tough, but absolutely critical to get a busy team to learn about another solution, how it works, what the use-cases are, and notable customers using it. It’s important to point out that neither of us spiffed the others’ sales teams to bring deals to each other. Rather, the main motivation was to create more value for our respective customers and maximize their investment.

Beyond the construction of the integration, arguably the most important part is bringing it to market and getting it in the hands of customers. We have found that, beyond the initial hype of announcing an integration, continuing to get opportunities to tell stories in front of each others’ customers is critical to making a partnership bear fruit. This took form a few different ways. First, a joint-customer webinar featuring our integration and the top use cases. Then, we tagged along with the Uberflip team during their roadshow spanning across 8 cities. As our teams grew closer, it became easy to rely on each other for field events, co-marketing campaigns, and even the occasional retweet.

The Results

This partnership helped both Uberflip and Sigstr acquire some significant customers. The initial announcement campaign alone influenced over $1,000,000 in recurring revenue and the subsequent roadshow influenced an additional $785,000. This is in addition to the incalculable “soft value” marketing power like amplifying each other’s brand with our respected audiences.

For marketers looking new ways to enhance their outbound strategies, drive more engagement with their target accounts, and breathe new life into their content program, look no further. The Uberflip + Sigstr integration is a great addition to your tech stack. Learn more about it here.