Uniting Go-to-Market Teams with a People-First Approach

In our recent webinar, How to Unify GTM Teams Using a People-First Approach, Sophia Agustina, Global Brand-to-Demand Strategy Leader at Cross IBM and Adrian Chang, VP of Growth and Customer Marketing at MindTickle, shared their insights on how to foster strong collaboration among go-to-market (GTM) teams. Hosted by Mark Kilens, CEO and Co-Founder of TACK, this discussion centered around how to build effective strategies using a people-first philosophy to bridge the gaps between marketing, sales, enablement, and customer success teams.

How to Unify GTM Teams Using a People-First Approach – Webinar

Embracing a Unified Approach

The webinar kicked off with an emphasis on transitioning from mere alignment to true unification of teams. Mark outlined the importance of moving beyond logistical coordination to create a culture where customer and buyer experiences are central to every team’s strategy. This approach relies heavily on three pillars:

  • Storytelling: Utilizing compelling narratives that resonate internally and connect deeply with customers.
  • Relationships: Building trust and a sense of belonging within teams to foster a collaborative environment.
  • Partnerships: Encouraging cohesive planning and execution across all levels of the organization.

Guiding Principles for Integration

Sophia and Adrian discussed the guiding principles essential for integrating GTM teams effectively. Key among these is the establishment of clear, shared goals and understanding everyone’s role in achieving these objectives. They stressed the significance of each team member knowing not only what they are accountable for but also why their contributions matter, linking personal success to the broader business outcomes.

Leveraging Data and Technology

A major part of the discussion centered on leveraging data to unite teams. Adrian highlighted the importance of having a unified data approach that allows teams to see around corners and anticipate customer needs. He noted that alignment on data usage and goals can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of GTM strategies.

Overcoming Challenges with a Customer-Centric Focus

Both speakers shared their strategies for keeping the customer at the forefront of all GTM activities, which is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s market. They underscored the role of customer insights in shaping marketing and sales strategies, ensuring that every initiative is tailored to meet the evolving demands of the market.

Building a People-First Culture

The webinar concluded with Sophia and Adrian offering further insights into how to build a culture that prioritizes people—both customers and team members. They shared personal anecdotes and examples from their careers to illustrate how a people-first approach can lead to more successful and sustainable business practices. Sophia provided additional insight into her 9 C’s framework that helps to put the customer first and build a customer-centric go to market strategy.