“Unleash Possible” with Account-Based Marketing

When it comes to account-based marketing, misconceptions abound.

For example:

“Account-based marketing must completely replace lead-based marketing.”


“Account-based marketing is the best strategy for every B2B company.”

Not true.

“Account-based marketing costs more than traditional marketing.”


Fortunately, Samantha Stone, Founder & CMO of the Marketing Advisory Network and author of the new book Unleash Possible, wants to help clear things up.

About Unleash Possible by Samantha Stone

Unleash Possible is a how-to guide for high-growth marketing in complex selling environments. Author Samantha Stone doesn’t just tell you what to do; she shows you how to do it and how to partner with sales to get the right results.

In the chapter “Account Based Marketing (It’s Not What You Think),” Unleash Possible explores how to identify if account-based marketing is right for you, steps you can take to avoid common pitfalls, and a detailed case study including Terminus customer Julia Stead of Invoca.

How Julia Stead at Invoca Does Account-Based Marketing

Invoca is a call intelligence company that powers over 100 million phone calls every year. Since 2008, Invoca has helped countless small business optimize their calls. Then in 2015, the Invoca team decided to focus their marketing efforts on a new segment: enterprise businesses.

In doing this, Julia Stead and her team decided the best course of action was to implement account-based marketing. As Julia told Matt Heinz:

“ABM works for us because it allows us to focus our spend and resources on the ‘high affinity’ prospects that are already a strong fit. The types of companies that have an existing need for our product, but don’t necessarily know it exists yet. The types of companies that will benefit immediately from our platform. By focusing our time and energy on these companies, we get better traction, higher conversion rates, and quicker wins.”

These companies Julia’s describing are not ones that would have found Invoca through traditional, lead-based marketing. So, Invoca’s sales and marketing teams worked together to take the following steps.

  1. Account selection
  2. Contact development
  3. Multi-touch, cross-platform nurture programs
  4. New measurement metrics

In Unleash Possible, Julia goes in depth about her team’s experience aligning sales and marketing, selecting account-based marketing technology, and following these four steps. As a result, 80% of all their enterprise revenue was generated through these ABM program efforts.

To learn more about Invoca’s experience implementing account-based marketing (and why ABM is probably not what you think), dive into Unleash Possible. Bonus: you can lend it to your sales team when you’re done because they’ll get a lot out of it too!

“Rarely do you find a practical, accessible resource that seamlessly combines sales and marketing into a coherent and motivating call to action as Samantha has written here.  Highly recommended read by those new (and old) to B2B sales and marketing (yes, both sides of the aisle and funnel!).”

Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Inc.

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