Unlocking Revenue Potential Through Go-to-Market Alignment: Insights from Terminus and LinkedIn Webinar

In our recent webinar, Jim Gilke, Account Manager at Terminus and Sanjay Vasdev from LinkedIn’s Customer Solutions Engineering team, shared valuable insights on how businesses can unlock their revenue potential through effective go-to-market (GTM) alignment, specifically through using Linkedin. The session was particularly insightful for those looking to understand the integration of Terminus and LinkedIn to drive business growth. 

Unlocking Revenue Potential: GTM Alignment using LinkedIn – Webinar

The Importance of GTM Alignment

Jim Gilke kicked off the webinar by highlighting the significance of spending time discussing GTM alignment with experts. He shared his unique background in marketing and sales, emphasizing the success he witnessed using Terminus and LinkedIn to grow businesses. He stated that aligning go-to-market strategies is critical for unlocking revenue potential.

LinkedIn’s Insights

Sanjay Vasdev, who has a strong background in the ad tech ecosystem, shared his journey from Facebook to LinkedIn and the shift from B2C to B2B marketing. He emphasized LinkedIn as a crucial platform for B2B marketers due to its comprehensive understanding of professional connections and its ability to facilitate engagements that build confidence within buying groups. LinkedIn’s position as a trusted professional environment makes it an invaluable asset for B2B marketing.

Terminus and LinkedIn: A Powerful Combination

The webinar also detailed how Terminus and LinkedIn work together seamlessly. Terminus allows for the creation of dynamic audiences based on ICP criteria, account lists, and behavioral data. This list is then pushed into LinkedIn for campaign execution, with LinkedIn returning campaign performance data to Terminus. This integration enables marketers to measure LinkedIn performance alongside other channels, providing a holistic view of their marketing efforts.

The Current State of B2B Sales

Jim Gilke shared some alarming statistics about the B2B sales landscape in 2024. A significant finding was that businesses need to more than double their pipeline to return to 2021 revenue levels. This challenge is attributed to smaller deal sizes, decreased win rates, and longer sales cycles. Only one in four sellers is meeting their quota, underscoring the urgent need for effective GTM strategies.

Practical Strategies for Growth

The webinar concluded with practical strategies for leveraging Terminus and LinkedIn to grow business. These strategies include increasing market awareness, accelerating deal cycles, retaining customers, and expanding within the customer base.  


The webinar discussed the importance of go-to-market alignment for unlocking revenue potential. By leveraging the integration between Terminus and LinkedIn, businesses can effectively target and engage with their ideal customer profiles, driving growth and overcoming the current challenges in B2B sales. This session serves as a valuable resource for marketers and sales professionals seeking to enhance their GTM strategies and achieve their revenue goals.