FlipMyFunnel Virtual Summit – Why You Should Watch

#FlipMyFunnel Virtual Summit

If you’ve been following #FlipMyFunnel, surely you’ve heard about the awesome
account-based marketing community we’re building.

This community was founded in 2015 and has been a tremendous factor in growing the account-based marketing category. In just one year, we’ve become known for our #FlipMyFunnel Account-based Marketing & Sales Roadshows. In less than six months, we hosted four conferences in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. Each event has grown larger than the last and there are more #FlipMyFunnel Roadshow events to come in 2016.

Our latest #FlipMyFunnel conference was hosted in San Francisco which brought almost 500 guests! This was the largest account-based marketing conference to date and a huge event for the many companies located in the Silicon Valley. We kept getting many video requests from those who participated in the event and even more from those who missed out on the chance to go.

That’s when our team of Funnel Flippers decided that we need to share all of the information we learned with everyone – which resulted in the #FlipMyFunnel Virtual Summit! We’re hosting the Virtual Summit this Friday, April 1, to replay all the sessions from this awesome event.

Check out this recap montage from #FlipMyFunnel to see what’s in store.

The #FlipMyFunnel Virtual Summit is a chance to relive this record breaking ABM conference in its entirety. For 24 hours you’ll have access to a live stream of all of the sessions featuring these Funnel Flippers:

Although the Virtual Summit is on April 1, this is not an April Fools joke. #FlipMyFunnel is known as a “no B.S.” event. We don’t have “thought leaders” sharing theories. We are bringing real-world insights that you can use to build your account-based marketing and sales development toolkit. Don’t believe us? Just ask Julia Stead, Director of Demand Generation at Invoca. She’s featured in one of more than 12 case studies available sharing her story on how her team saw a 200% increase in the level of engagement within accounts they targeted since using account-based techniques.

Keeping up with the spirit of account-based marketing, we’ve opened up our #FlipMyFunnel Virtual Summit for you to watch on your own terms. You don’t have to watch every session, just the ones that interest you. You don’t have to travel anywhere or even go to the office, you can watch it on your couch. Tickets for the live event sold for $500 but we are bringing this to you courtesy of our awesome sponsors.

We hope you can join us at the Virtual Summit this Friday and follow along on social media using #FlipMyFunnel. While you are at it, Tweet to us @FlipMyFunnel and we will send you a #FlipMyFunnel ABM Hero cape! Do you know what it means to be an ABM Hero? Find out in this short video.

Register here for the #FlipMyFunnel Virtual Summit to get the code giving you exclusive access to some of the brightest minds in the B2B marketing industry. See you this Friday, April 1!