B2B Marketing Webinar Featuring 4 CMOs Under 40

What does it take to be a B2B marketing executive?

Being a chief marketing officer is far from an easy task. As the CMO of Terminus, I’m the leader of our B2B marketing team and am responsible for answering any questions that the company may have regarding marketing, branding, and advertising. Not only that, but I’m in charge of proving that all my team’s efforts are paying off.

With so much pressure on the CMO, companies must make sure that their CMO is qualified and has all of the skills necessary to make sure that the marketing department can succeed. Being a CMO requires a lot of marketing knowledge and interpersonal skills to make sure that the department runs smoothly and efficiently.

To gain these skills, it takes years of working in various different marketing roles. The time needed to become a successful CMO makes becoming one before your 40th birthday a very big accomplishment. I and three other CMOs will expand on this in a very exciting webinar on November 17th at 1 p.m. EST.

The 4 panelists are:

In this roundtable discussion, you will have the opportunity to hear about the stories and lessons learned by four CMOs under 40. This will be a webinar like no other you’ve seen before. We’ll be live streaming from our webcams, answering questions from the audience, and chatting with each other. No presentations, no company promotions — just genuine advice about the journey of becoming a CMO before you turn 40.

Registration for the 4 CMOs Under 40 webinar is open now, and a recording will go up after the webcast. We look forward to seeing you there!