Power Your ABM Strategy with LinkedIn & Terminus [Webinar Recap]

Terminus is thrilled to announce our integration with LinkedIn for account-based marketing (ABM).

In our live webinar, Power Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy with LinkedIn and Terminus, we discussed how our marketing technology platforms enable B2B go-to-market teams to create engagement and deliver relevant, valuable content to the key personas at target accounts. Our ABM expert panel included:

  • Ty Heath, Agency & Partner Education Lead at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • Peter Herbert, VP of Marketing at Terminus
  • Bryan Brown, Chief Product Officer at Terminus

In this webinar, our panelists discussed account-based marketing, working as #OneTeam for B2B sales and marketing alignment, social selling, and how to orchestrate ABM campaigns at scale.

Replay the full webinar below, and continue reading for highlights on how Terminus and LinkedIn work together for account-based marketing.

To kick off the webinar, Ty Heath, agency partner and education lead at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions started by talking about sales and marketing alignment. She believes many marketers have lost sight of one of our most important jobs.

“Our simple North Star is to help sales win and to make the lives of salespeople easier by making our customers’ decisions clearer,” she said. “So, I try to remind myself of this every day in my role.”

Ty told the audience that marketing wins when they leverage sales deep relationships. “We know that achieving success in ABM means bringing to light what we know about relationships. Strong relationships make the difference,” Ty explained. “At the core, both account-based marketing and social selling require that strong sales and marketing alignment.”

More and more of the sales cycle is becoming marketing’s responsibility. On the flip side, it is becoming part of salespeople’s responsibilities to position themselves as thought leaders and to market themselves as such. Ty also shared this impactful quote:

“Salespeople need to be more like marketers in this new digital world, and marketers need to be more like salespeople.” – Danielle Uskovic

This alignment with sales and marketing for ABM delivers real results. Ty shared a case study from Genesys, a market leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solution. The Genesys team wanted to invest in account-based marketing to expand the company’s database of contacts, within both existing customer accounts, as well as with new key clients identified by sales.

LinkedIn worked with Genesys to help drive brand awareness and acquire new contacts from a list of more than 10,000 companies. The list included seven high-value ABM accounts, 1,000 focus accounts, and more than 9,000 target accounts that their team had identified.

The team’s ABM efforts have yielded really encouraging results. In one quarter, the Genesis team achieved an average click-through rate of 0.43% for IT professionals, and 0.47% for support personnel, both well above the LinkedIn benchmark. In addition, 60% of all the leads generated were net-new leads from marketing.

Ty then turned it over to Peter Herbert, VP of marketing at Terminus, who won the SiriusDecisions ABM Program of the Year award in 2017, to discuss how to operationalize account-based marketing.

“Everybody’s trying to figure out how to actually operationalize within their organization, and many of those organizations are different from one another,” Peter said. “There’s not one-size-fits-all ABM, and it’s really about finding what’s right for your business. Our job is to show you examples of how you can execute, both in terms of the digital experience with account-based, as well as the human experience.”

Peter gave an overview of the #FlipMyFunnel model for account-based marketing and how it differs from traditional marketing. “We’ve heard the statistic over the past couple of years that only 1% of leads actually become customers. This is taking a different model, where we start with which accounts are the highest fit for our organization.”

As Peter explained, “When we know which accounts are engaging with us and we’ve done the research to know who at that company is our target buyer and . . . marked them in our database, we have better insight and a better ability to reach out to them versus simply responding very reactively to people who are coming in and filling out forms on our website. So, the challenge is how do you put this all together, and how do you do it at scale?”

Peter then shared his “secret formula” for account-based marketing of Fit + Intent + Engagement. Here, at Terminus, we use this same methodology for operationalizing ABM.

“What we’re trying to do through the variety of tactics is really create an omnichannel approach,” Peter said. “Tactics such as account-based advertising, both through Terminus display and through LinkedIn Sponsored Content, are excellent ways for us to progress those accounts and to increase the velocity of their movement along this journey.”

Peter then shared several more examples of how our team at Terminus does ABM at scale before turning it over to Bryan, CPO at Terminus, to discuss how our integration with LinkedIn works. By leveraging Terminus and LinkedIn, B2B marketers have access to the most powerful digital advertising solution for ABM practitioners.

The integration provides:

  • One platform to launch, manage, and report on LinkedIn advertising and display campaigns.
  • Orchestration of digital advertising. Set up multichannel, automated campaigns that span the the marketing and sales funnel.
  • ABM reporting with deeper insight into how LinkedIn is driving account engagement, pipeline, and revenue.

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