Welcome to the SDR Chronicles: Tips & Guidance for Sales Reps

It’s tough being an SDR in the B2B world.

Sales development representatives (SDRs), or business development representatives (BDRs), are on the front lines of inside sales. Every day, the SDR is faced with a fair share of rejection, from blunt emails to the classic phone call hang-up. To be successful, an SDR needs to have the work ethic of a champion and the thick skin of a rhino.

Day in and day out, the SDR role consists of cold calling, email outreach, and connecting through social media channels. Through this outreach, the objective of sales development in B2B is to set demos and/or meetings for an account executive (AE) and to hit quota by setting a specific number of appointments each month.

As the tech scene grows and more job opportunities arise, the most important role that will need attention is the SDR role. Not only that, but there’s a huge opportunity for career development. The end goal of the SDR role is generally to become an AE, which is the “closer” role in the sales organization. It’s the AEs that get the deal done.

I’ll be honest: when I was in college, I knew nothing about the role of sales development reps.

There are no college majors or minors in sales development. As graduation rolls around, college seniors scramble to apply to work at hot startups, and sales development is one of the most accessible entry-level jobs. The problem with this is that not a lot of recent grads have the knowledge or the experience they need to be successful in the tech industry.


However, I believe I have found a solution to provide third-party motivation, advice, and tips for fellow SDRs who are beginning their journey. The solution that I created is a YouTube channel called The SDR Chronicles, which provides first-hand perspective from fellow SDRs — like myself.

The future of this channel will be to have sales development leaders, my colleagues at Terminus, and fellow SDRs share their thoughts and tips on video. I believe that this will help SDRs because the channel will act as a virtual mentor. If you’re looking for advice that may not be provided for you in school or in your sales development role, I want to use the SDR Chronicles as that outlet.

Here are three of my favorite videos so far from #TheSDRChronicles:

How to Keep a Steady Mindset as a SDR | #TheSDRChronicles 001

Keeping Your Emotions in Check as an SDR | #TheSDRChronicles 004

How to Schedule a Massive Amount of Demos at Events | #TheSDRChronicles 010

I am so excited about this project that I’ve started. It’s my sincere hope that these tips helps fellow sales development reps, sales development leaders, and B2B companies. Keep dialing, and I will see you all on #TheSDRChronicles!