What an incredible day for Sigstr!

In the span of just 24 hours we are:

  • Launching Sigstr to the public
  • Announcing Sigstr as a High Alpha portfolio company
  • Rolling out a new website
  • Releasing version 2 of our product

This all feels  like a great reason to celebrate…and we can’t wait to do just that with all of our friends and customers at our official  launch party tonight.  

Coming out of Private Beta, Sigstr has over 50 paid customers, including phenomenal clients like Angie’s List, Roche, and Indiana University. One of the most exciting aspects of Sigstr is our ability to serve clients ranging from small businesses to companies with thousands of employees, in a variety of industries, including: technology, services, healthcare, education, and more.During our private beta , Sigstr delivered  tens of millions of marketing campaigns via employee email signatures for these brands.

Regardless of the size of a company or the vertical in which it operates, marketers have an important story to share. Employee emails reach the marketer’s target audience en masse each day, and we are  thrilled to help our clients  harness the marketing potential of this virtually untapped channel. 

It’s required a lot of hard work to get this far, but we’re just getting started! Every day over 112 billion employee emails are sent. On average an employee sends 10,000 emails every year. The numbers are truly staggering, and our team is fired up to help companies and employees get the most out of every single send.

Thanks to all of the people who gave Sigstr a shot in the early days! Whether you were early customers, employees, or you provided tips along the way, your help means the world to me and to Sigstr.
Please check out the press release, and if you have any questions or ideas to make Sigstr even better, we’d love to hear from you.