What To Expect At B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange 2019

With B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange less than one week away, the excitement around the Terminus office is hitting its peak. Logistics are sorted, the (much-coveted) attendance list is confirmed, and our new #swag order is hot off the presses. 

Of course, every conference is important, but there’s something special about the integrated FlipMyFunnel track at B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange — and it’s not just the brand new, totally gorgeous Encore Hotel and Casino. Truthfully, our team lives for the opportunity to meet with ABM practitioners and peers, hear from leaders in the industry, and spend time talking shop over good food and drinks! 

Whether or not you’re able to join us in Boston next week, we’re sure you’re curious about what conference attendees can expect upon arrival. So, without further ado, our official guide to What to Expect When Your Attending (B2BSMX):

An in-depth look at the T.E.A.M. framework:

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it countless times: ABM requires a T.E.A.M. — Target, Engage, Activate, and Measure. These represent the essential elements in building a functional, scalable, and successful ABM program. In his keynote address, Terminus co-founder, Chief Evangelist, and FlipMyFunnel emcee Sangram Vajre will be going deep on the T.E.A.M. framework, including insights into:

  • Why and how to target best-fit accounts;
  • Strategies to engage the entire buying center;
  • How to best activate the sales team by using engagement and intent data to guide strategic outreach at the right time;
  • What it means to measure the things that really matter.

Because you can’t spell “TEAM” without “Sangram Vajre’s conference keynote.” 

A guide to taking ABM programs from good to great:

Throughout the FlipMyFunnel track, we’ll be talking about the current state of ABM (the good) and where it’s going (the great) — plus, practical techniques on how to get there. Expect a granular conversation on the ABM maturity curve, how to scale programs, and best practices when leveling-up campaign strategy. In short: stuff you can use TODAY.

A practical conversation about how to best achieve marketing and sales alignment:

The success of marketing is often defined by the performance of sales — a point of natural tension that can be a barrier to true “alignment” between departments. Over the two-day conference, we’re excited to offer an alternative approach (shout out #OneTeam) and discuss the successes and challenges on the road to true harmony between marketing and sales.

Fantastic opportunities for networking with ABM practitioners and peers:

Do you want networking? We’ve got networking! Perhaps more importantly, we’ve also got FUN. Join Terminus (along with our partners from Tray.io, Sigstr, Pardot, and Sendoso) for ABM.fm, an 80’s and 90’s-themed party on Monday night, featuring great music, drinks, and a few special celebrity impersonators. 



With a fantastic lineup of speakers and panelists, we’re excited to put on a fantastic two-day conference that supports learning and growth for marketers and salespeople. Just in case you aren’t signed up but are feeling the overwhelming pangs of jealousy, fear not! There’s still time to register for the conference. 

Now, grab your smartest business casual ‘fits and get ready to go! We’ll see you in Boston.