When People Are Your Product: Attract a Dream Team for Your B2B Services Brand

If you’re a B2B Services company, then you know just how important your people are to your company’s success. Don’t get us wrong – employees are an important part of every business, no matter the industry. Without good people who do their job and treat customers well, your business will not be successful. But for a B2B Services company, your people are your product – there’s just no way around it: you need to build the best team you can, or risk it all by having mediocre talent reflect poorly on your brand.
For B2B Services brands, such as design or ad agencies, executive recruiting firms, law firms, consultancies and others, company culture is likely a very important aspect of building a great team. How else do you attract good talent that will represent your brand well? Most of the time, good culture and great people are inseparable. So as a B2B Services company, you need to stand out from the crowd, showcase your culture in unique ways, and attract top-level talent by offering them something they can’t get anywhere else.
Culture, People & The Power of Employee Email
What is something all of your employees do every single day without fail? Sometimes even on the weekends? You guessed it – they send email. A lot of email! On average, a single employee will send 10,000 emails per year. So if your B2B Services company has just 100 employees, simple math suggests your company is sending 1M emails per year! That’s a million brand impressions and engagement opportunities being sent out to your most important contacts: those your employees are emailing such as prospects, customers, partners, community members, and more.
Every one of those 1M emails can either be a positive or negative brand experience. And sometimes – especially for B2B Service companies – email and phone calls may be the only interactions your contacts will ever have with your employees. So every touchpoint matters a lot to your brand’s integrity.
Why not use this high powered channel to attract your dream team? Email is a powerful engine for business services companies – use it for your brand’s advantage.
Here are a few examples of how your B2B Services brand can make the most of the employee email signature to promote your culture and attract your dream team:
1. Showcase Company Culture to Pique Interest
MitchLessonLyCompanyCulture2Do you have an amazing company culture where every opinion matters and every team member is expected to grow? Does your company have fun traditions or does your team volunteer for service opportunities around your community? How about an awesome CEO that’s vocal about employee success? Use the email signature as a way to highlight your team and the rewarding culture you’ve created by sharing a video from your CEO, a picture of the team, or stories about serving the community.
2. Promote Specific Open Positions
Your company is always on the lookout for superstars – especially those that are already aware of your business and the unique services you offer. Why not use the email signature (which is already being viewed by your most important contacts: prospects, customers, partners and community members) to drive awareness for specific open positions?
3. Ask For Referrals
CraigLileRaidiousHiringYour employee emails are far reaching, so include an email signature that incentivizes your contacts to refer their friends to open job positions. Point email recipients to a landing page where they can either browse the current job openings (like the Radious example below), or direct them to a landing page where they can nominate rockstars for your team – and get rewarded if their referral is hired!
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