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Why Terminus Re-Built Their Website From the Ground Up

As if the team at Terminus didn’t have enough to do during the past 12 months. 

As if COVID wasn’t hard enough, and all of the crazy things happening in the United States weren’t hard enough. In case anybody was thinking that those things were distracting the team. 

Why not tear the Terminus website down to the ground, completely re-brand, and then rebuild a brand new website completely from scratch? 

On this LinkedIn Live episode of the FlipMyFunnel podcast, we sit down live with Justin Keller, who is the Vice President of Marketing here at Terminus, as well as two other members of the team that helped undertake this crazy project. 

First of All, Why?

One of the most common questions we got when undertaking this project was why?

Why now? Why in the midst of all of the insanity of the year?

Were we crazy? Maybe a little. 

Was there not enough work to do? Of course there is.

Weren’t we supposed to be focused on trying to make sure the business keeps running and the pipeline keeps going? We still are. 

There were 3 main reasons for tackling this now. 

1. Functionality

The bottom line is, the old Terminus site wasn’t suiting us the best way that it possibly could. While it worked years ago when it was built, our company is different now, and we needed something that wasn’t breaking all the time. 

We needed something faster and more agile. 

2. Operation

The old site was, as Justin likes to say, held together with bubblegum and duct tape. It was a complete Frankenstein job, to the point where it had become unrecognizable, particularly on the back end. 
So it was time to start over. 

3. Change

“While Terminus started out as an ABM solution, we’re now an all in one b2b marketing platform. We’re bigger than ABM, and we needed to re-architect our story.”

Terminus has acquired a few different companies over the last couple of years. And where we were once purely an ABM solution-oriented company, we’re now an all-in-one B2B marketing platform, and it was time to re-architect that story. 

Nuts and Bolts

Most people have a process when tearing down a website, rebranding, and then completely rebuilding. 

And for most companies, it usually involves an outside agency coming in and pitching brand vision and strategic direction.

But as you know, we do things a little differently here at Terminus. 

Instead of an agency, we built the entire project in house. 

With a team of 4. 

They cast the vision, built the concepts, came up with the branding, and rebuilt the entire thing from the ground up. 

And the ENTIRE process took only 4 months. Which is unheard of, even for a professional agency who does branding and website building for a living. 

Not Done Yet

Lest you think that Justin and his team are ones to rest on their Laurels and pat themselves on the back, they’re not. 

Okay, they did take a moment to pat themselves on the back, but then they got right back to work. 

Because according to all of them, there’s still so much left to do on the site. From animation to enhanced photography to product representation, they’re not done. 

And they never will be done. 

Because for them, this project is never-ending. 

Should You Rebrand? 

There’s no formula. 

There’s no way to look at someone and say, “You need to rebrand.” It’s going to be different for every company out there, but for us here, it was clear. 

The old site wasn’t working, and it was time for a change. 

So, Justin and his team sprang into action. 

And we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. 

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