Why You Need the Terminus ABM Certification Course

As the industry’s only True ABM Platform, it only made sense for our team of marketers to design an easy-to-digest certification course to help start—or elevate—ABM efforts for your business. The Account-Based Strategy Certification: Fundamentals course covers the fundamental principles of an account-based marketing strategy, and tactical, real-life recommendations and examples for running ABM campaigns.

Do any of these sound like you?

I’m new to my team and want to understand and evaluate the benefits of ABM.

We’ve got your back. This course will be everything you dreamt of and more. Did you know that 94% of today’s revenue teams have an ABM strategy in place or are planning to implement one? That’s good company.

I’m working hard to be my team’s ABM guru—help me bring a new program to life.

Your executive team might be interested to know that 85% of marketers that are measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments, while 72% have reported an uplift in revenue growth. That’ll put a smile on everyone’s faces.

I’m ready to launch a new ABM program and I’m overwhelmed by how to start.

You’re not alone. And it’s no secret that aligning sales and marketing can be a challenge. We’ve done the heavy lifting to help you get your ducks (and strategy) in a row. We’ve even put together a cheat sheet for what your ABM team might look like.

I want to up my company’s ABM strategy game and watch it continue to grow.

We know that B2B marketers need new tools and strategies to deliver connected experiences to target accounts where they are in the revenue flywheel—from brand awareness to pipeline generation and acceleration and through customer retention and expansion. 

I’m up and running, but I’m ready to fire on all cylinders and blow my company away.

Whether you want to grow your brand awareness, create more opportunities, accelerate your pipeline, increase customer retention, or expand what you’re currently doing, we’ve broken it down how to put your plans into action.

Not only does this certification course focus on the principles of an account-based strategy, but it also hooks you up with tactical, real-life recommendations and examples for running ABM campaigns wherever you are in your marketing journey. 

You’ll get is five lessons taught by our experts, a timed multiple-choice test, a certificate of completion and a shiny new badge for your LinkedIn profile. And it’s free! Whether you’re a customer, partner or just somehow who has big B2B strategies on your radar, this course will help you level up. Ready to get started? Let’s go!