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Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness plays get a lot of attention and often become the default starting point of your ABM efforts. But it’s important to remember that they won’t necessarily help you with short-term revenue issues.

That said, the role it plays is critical, especially when your team has a longer sales cycle. Even at the highest efficiency, they’re not likely to impact within 90 days—so be sure to know that these plays alone won’t solve a full-lifecycle problem. 

Build Pipeline

Build Pipeline

Build Pipeline strategies are designed to impact revenue goals in the next two to three quarters. With these plays, you’re attempting to drive opportunity creation goals with the effort you’re putting in today, getting more aligned to that short-term business impact.

The ideal strategy here is to take your prospect on a journey with their digital touchpoints— from being aware and educated about the problem they have, to understanding the solutions available to solve it while building interest in your unique solution. These plays will allow you to turn the dials and optimize the most effective path to consistent pipeline growth for your organization.

Accelerate Pipeline

Accelerate Pipeline

Pipeline Acceleration is a great place to start with an ABM program because you can see the short-term impact. These plays are designed to influence business outcomes in the current quarter, while you learn quickly. You’ll find what messages are resonating with prospects and what falls flat.

Leveraging this information can be  incredibly powerful in not only optimizing your acceleration campaign, but the earlier stages of the flywheel as well. Understanding—and learning from—the decisions that move the needle can be great to clarity to your pipeline acceleration efforts.

Retain Customers

Retain Customers

Customer retention is critical, particularly for B2B companies with a recurring revenue mode. We know that efforts to retain customers are far more cost effective than acquiring new ones and that loyal customers contribute to your revenue growth through upsells, providing referrals, and advocacy. It’s an important opportunity to understand the challenges that your customers are facing and lean in solutions as you engage.

As customer marketing and ABM teams continue to meld, retention plays work best when marketing, product, sales and customer success have a united front on achieving these types of broader business objectives.

Expand Customers

Expand Customers

The current mandate to address immediate revenue challenges falls in line with expansion efforts. With a captive audience and engaged relationship, you should find yourself with a champion that is invested in your mutual success. Not only will this help you close and win expansion deals faster and add to an already profitable relationship.

Knowing your ICP matters

Terminus will help your GTM team make your top accounts your top priority.

“I knew from the beginning that we wanted to do ABM, and I knew that it’s really important to fully understand your ICP. I had to grow in my understanding of our ICP and what they responded to. For example, I learned that our prospects are more likely to engage with some of our content depending on where they are.We went from no segmentation to getting pretty specific with our ICP, and awareness campaigns were really important. ABM was the answer.” – Ryan Gunn, Head of Marketing

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