10 Account-Based Marketing Blogs You Should Read

Looking for a good resource to sharpen your account-based marketing skills? Look no more!

The blogosphere continues to grow exponentially when it comes to account-based marketing resources. The B2B marketing and sales blogs that have been around for years are starting to recognize the power of the keyword “account-based marketing,” so there’s an ever-increasing supply of posts dedicated to #ABM best practices. Our favorite blogs are the ones that are in-depth, are easy to digest, and offer free email subscriptions that deliver the latest account-based marketing content directly to your inbox.

Here are ten of the best blogs for news and content about ABM and how it continues to impact the world of B2B sales, marketing, and technology.

1. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs offers real-world education for modern marketers through training, best practices, research, and other content. More than 600,000 members make up the online community at. With 300,000+ Twitter followers and more than 111,000 Facebook followers, MarketingProfs is promoting the latest news for innovative marketing professionals across multiple platforms.

The Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, Ann Handley, is a well-known thought leader the marketing industry. The subject matter at MarketingProfs covers dozens of useful topics for modern marketers, but the ROI and metrics category is especially helpful for teams that practice account-based marketing. MarketingProfs also hosts regular events both in-person across the country and online in a virtual conference series.

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ClickZ Logo

2. ClickZ

ClickZ is home to the latest and greatest in digital marketing news and analysis. The blog’s expert advice includes categories such as email, analytics, media, social, videos, breaking news, and more. ClickZ provides global coverage, including North America, the UK, and Asia. The account-based marketing content from Mathew Sweezey, author of Marketing Automation for Dummies, is particularly impactful, as is the author’s insights on the world of marketing software best practices. To top it all off, The ClickZ Academy offers free webinars as well as paid training and e-learning sessions.

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Funnelholic Logo

3. The Funnelholic

Funnelholic is a blog by our good friend Craig Rosenberg, an innovative B2B marketing and sales leader. Craig’s obsession with the funnel comes from his lifetime spent on the West Coast helping companies ranging from startups to large enterprises improve their sales and marketing strategies to drive revenue.

The content Craig posts to Funnelholic ranges from aligning your sales and marketing teams to account based marketing best practices. He also provides helpful insights on account-based sales development, encouraging sales professionals to take an active role in demand generation. There’s some great content here about predictive and prescriptive analytics and how these tools help you obtain the data needed for ABM. Also, if you’re not an active blogger, his tips will help you to take your B2B blog to the next level.

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Business2Community Logo

4. Business2Community

Business2Community is more than just a blog; it’s a content aggregator. The platform sources original content on lots of topics, including account-based marketing, from a variety of B2B marketing and sales companies. The community of contributing bloggers and editors covers the top trends in content marketing, digital innovations, social media, social selling, and more. You’ll find tons of original content, such as predictions for the next wave of B2B digital marketing, in addition to trending U.S. news and global reports. It’s a go-to site for everything modern B2B marketing and sales professionals need to know to stay on top of the industry. Business2Community also offers free webcasts and white papers to readers.

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OpenView Labs Logo

5. OpenView Labs

OpenView Labs, a publication of OpenView, is an editorial site and collective of software experts dedicated to providing original research, cutting-edge advice, and insights on a range of topics that matter most to early- and expansion-stage software entrepreneurs. Explore thousands of in-depth articles about sales, marketing, customer success, finance, leadership, product development, HR, and much more. Interested in contributing? Contact editor@openviewpartners.com.

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MediaPost Logo

6. MediaPost

MediaPost is a goldmine for marketing and advertising professionals looking for comprehensive coverage on the ever-evolving media industry. Account-based marketing topics on the MediaPost blog include best practices for using display advertising, designing creatives, targeting your ideal customers, and much more.

Email updates are delivered multiple times a day depending on which categories you select when signing up for a free subscription. Plus, the events page on MediaPost features major shows such as SXSW (South by Southwest) and OMMA (Online Media, Marketing and Advertising), plus smaller summits, workshops and more. For the B2B marketing and salespeople looking for a claim to fame, there’s even a complete list of awards to apply for across multiple categories.

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Heinz Marketing Logo

7. Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing is consultancy dedicated to the essential programs needed to successfully execute account-based marketing, such as content strategy, demand generation, sales enablement, and pipeline management. Blog topics pertaining to ABM include Best Practices for Implementing a Winning Account-Based Marketing Strategy and Ten Sales & Marketing Tactics That Are Allegedly Dead. Heinz Marketing also published a comprehensive workbook (available for free download) for developing an ABM strategy, which includes 27 pages of specifics and eight separate worksheets to guide your implementation.

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Chief MarTec Logo

8. Chief MarTec

Chief MarTec is the B2B marketing industry’s source for the news and innovations for marketing technology, or MarTech. As the blog’s founder and editor, Scott Brinker, said, “Marketing has become a technology-powered discipline, and therefore marketing organizations must infuse technical capabilities into their DNA.”

As account-based marketing leverages best practices for marketers using technology to do ABM at scale, the content posted on Chief MarTec provides additional insights that are incredibly helpful. The site also features ongoing MarTech events, including annual conferences in the U.S. and Europe that are vendor-agnostic and designed to bring together marketing and tech-savvy professionals.

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Demand Gen Report Logo

9. Demand Gen Report

Demand Gen Report (DGR) has served as the publication of record for B2B marketing professionals for years. Their website, newsletters, and in-depth reports cover the latest product innovations, capture insights from top industry executives, and offer unique insights into demand generation best practices. Check out the DGR blog for a unique perspective on the latest marketing automation and demand generation trends. Plus, the weekly DGR newsletter reaches a global audience that includes more than 30,000 B2B CMOs, marketing and sales executives, and other key business leaders across a wide range of industries.

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10. MarTech Advisor

MarTech Advisor has more than 350,000 subscribers to its blog and newsletter. This site is a unique resource in the way it divides up its main categories. The “Experiences” category focuses on content marketing topics such as email marketing, events, webinars, social media, sales enablement, and ad tech. There are also categories such as “Operations” for analytics, “Middleware” for customer data management platforms, and “Backbone” for the essential marketing technology platforms, including CRM, marketing automation, and website content management. MarTech’s Editor-in-Chief, Ankush Gupta, also runs an interview series called MarTech Maven, which features guest authors and thought leaders from the marketing technology world.

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This is an excerpt from Account-Based Marketing For Dummies, a book by Sangram Vajre. Click here to download the first chapter of the book for free.