2 Surefire Ways to Engage Your Buyers

Imagine this: your Marketing team just came back from a successful conference and passed along a ton of new contact information. The list even includes a few decision-makers from your top accounts! You know that they signed up and attended your company’s session so you know there is interest.

Time to get down to business. Cracks knuckles getting ready to craft the best email ever. You open your sales engagement tool, locate that perfect email cadence, do a little research, add a touch of personalization, and hit send. You sit back and relax, just waiting to hear back… but you don’t. Not after one, two, three, or even four emails! What happened?

Let’s rewind a bit. Today’s B2B buyer has high expectations. Go-to-market teams are constantly challenged to create better, more relevant buyer journeys that appear to be built specifically for them. It can be daunting, but that is where we come in. Connected Account Experiences drives best-in-class full-funnel marketing with ways to identify your target buyer, reach them across all channels, and engage them with the full force of your sales and marketing teams.

Set your teams up for better success by integrating Terminus Chat and Email Experiences with your sales engagement, marketing automation, and other communication tools. Never miss a chance to engage your buyer by giving them additional content that interests them and providing a way to immediately chat with the right person on your team in every email. What does that look like in practice? Let’s dive in.

Turn every email into an advertisement

Add dynamic email signature banners to every email cadence you send out. These email signature ads are targeted based on their recipient’s email address, meaning you’ll have 100% targeting accuracy. Partner with your marketing team to design connected banners based on your target account segments.

Using our conference example, you could create an email signature banner ad thanking the person for attending the conference and serving up an ebook that was mentioned during the session they attended. While they may not be ready to speak with a representative yet, this gives them another way to engage with your company.

Eye-tracking research has proven that email signature ads receive outstanding impressions, every time. We are talking over a million impressions per year per 100 employees, so you can be confident that they are seeing these assets. And IP addresses are collected and mapped each time an email is opened and will be pushed back into your connected tech stack so you can more effectively identify prospects across your channels.

Open a direct line to connect with you

What if your prospect is ready to engage with you immediately? It is crucial to connect with them at the exact moment they are reaching out. Even just a slight delay can result in a lost deal. Email and form fills have their place in any business, but they aren’t the fastest form of communication. That is where Chat Experiences comes in.

Increase outbound email response rates by 265% by creating real-time conversations with prospects and customers using Chat from Anywhere ™. Adding a Chat from Anywhere ™ link to your email signature will create a direct line of communication with you. With a single click, your top prospects can start chatting with you from wherever they are – and wherever you are!

Want to know the best part? You can conduct your entire chat conversation directly in Slack (see video below)! You’ll be notified in Slack of incoming chat requests that were routed to you. Collect visitor information and book meetings in the tool you already spend most of your day in. You can even receive Live View notifications in Slack, so you will know the moment one of your accounts lands on your website and can proactively reach out before they’ve even engaged with the chatbot.

When you were evaluating why you didn’t receive a response back from the conference attendee, did you consider that maybe they were engaging, but you missed them? Leveraging Chat Experiences would’ve given this person a non-intimidating, low commitment, and immediate way to connect directly with you. Even if you weren’t available to chat, a playbook would kick in to keep the ball rolling and you would still be alerted that this account was engaging. Chat Experiences equips you to react and continue the conversation at the exact moment of interest.

Activate your GTM teams to build pipeline

Don’t miss out on pipeline opportunities because of disconnected teams. Connect your marketing and sales tools to boost brand and revenue by creating synchronized account experiences that turn every touchpoint into a conversation with Chat from Anywhere ™ and every email into a personalized advertisement with dynamic email signatures.

Terminus is here to help you create better account experiences that engage your buyers and unify your teams by leveraging deep integrations with must-have communication tools. It’s all connected.

Ready to learn more? Contact your Account Manager or book a demo today.