10 Must-See ABM Sessions at Marketo Marketing Nation Summit 2018

There’s a lot happening this year at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit!

This year’s summit has dozens of sessions dedicated to ABM, led by experts from small businesses and enterprise companies alike. We are thrilled to have a variety of Terminus customers sharing their stories of ABM transformation at the conference. Take a look at our top nine picks for account-based marketing sessions you won’t want to miss at Marketing Nation Summit 2018.

1. Inbound + Outbound = All-Bound | Sales + Marketing = Smarketing

The way people shop, buy, and consider purchases has fundamentally changed in the last three years. Sales and marketing teams must work together to deliver an integrated end-to-end experience that captures the buyer’s interest and moves them quickly through the funnel. In this session, Marketo’s own Jill Rowley and Kristen Cardinalli will explain how they adopted a multichannel all-bound strategy to create a successful smarketing team at Marketo and facilitated the ideal experience for customers.

2. How VersionOne Engaged with 88% of Target Accounts for ABM

In this session, VersionOne’s Jodi Lebow and Uberflip’s Randy Frisch team up to share insights and strategies for successfully engaging target accounts by creating personalized content experiences with the Uberflip platform. Join Jodi and Randy to learn how to create personalized content experiences at scale, increase engagement with key accounts, and accelerate the buying process.

3. ABM Wins: Invoca Shares How They Tripled Engagement From Target Accounts

Invoca’s sales cycle requires a lot of education. The traditional B2B approach of sending a  weekly nurture email that drives prospects to a single, gated landing page wasn’t doing the job fast enough. Discover how Invoca evolved from relying on gated, single-asset landing pages to adopting a less gated and more customer-centric approach that achieved a 3X lift in target engagement and a 2.5X increase in average deal size. Then, learn how you can apply their strategies at your own organization.

Blackbaud and SnapApp

4. Rethinking Your Playbook: Using Interactive Content to Modernize Your Marketing

Buyers today demand more relevant, personalized experiences. In this session, Alex Schutte, Lisa Kenney, and Seth Lieberman will show you how to create dynamic experiences using interactive content and deliver real results at scale by giving your audience what they’re asking for.

5. Plan & Execute an ABM Strategy with Marketo to Drive More Revenue

  • Doug Marshall, Director of Product Management at Marketo
  • Simon Spencer, Sr. Marketing & Business Development Operations Manager at Puppet

For an account-based marketing strategy to be successful, it is essential that your marketing and sales teams are aligned. Working together to identify and target key accounts is a great place to start, but how do you actually incorporate it into your marketing and sales strategies? Doug Marshall of Marketo and Simon Spencer of Puppet share the most effective ways to use personalized messaging across channels to engage and acquire high-value accounts. Join this can’t-miss session to learn how to plan and launch a scalable strategy and drive more revenue with deep insights using account-based marketing.

6. Make Your Marketing Matter More with Intent Data

  • Mark Johnson, CMO & General Manager at Bombora
  • Paulo Martins, Head of Global Digital Marketing at Marketo

Bombora CMO and GM, Marc Johnson, will explain how B2B enterprise companies leverage Bombora and Marketo to identify accounts where active demand already exists and nurture them through the funnel. Co-presenting, Paulo Martins of Marketo will explain how his team uses Bombora intent data within Marketo to orchestrate targeted and relevant marketing programs that generate customer engagement.

7. Sales & Marketing Alignment: How ABM Brings Everyone Together

In this session, TOPO analyst Craig “Funnelholic” Rosenberg won’t just talk about the importance of alignment; he will share concrete steps needed to get there in support of ABM success. Now the account-based movement is in full swing and voila, sales and marketing alignment is here! The fundamental idea of an account-based strategy is to build the foundation for a coordinated, organizational effort to drive engagement and conversion against a mutually agreed-upon set of target accounts. For organizations that have committed to the ABM process, alignment has become a reality, and the business results have been extraordinary.

How to operationalize ABM and win as one revenue team

8. How to Operationalize ABM & Win as One Revenue Team

I’m especially excited for this session! Terminus CMO Peter Herbert returns to the stage with former teammate and fellow ABM and Marketo champion Kristen Wendel, marketing operations director at Planview. In this session, Peter and Kristen will join forces with each of their revenue partners from sales: Planview enterprise sales executive Sarah Ezell and Terminus CRO Todd McCormick. Together, these teams will share their true tales of ABM transformation, results, and unity between sales and marketing. Learn how these two teams worked together and built the necessary systems to create an account-based revenue machine!

9. Partner to Win: How to Take an Account-Based Approach

A solid partnership between marketing and sales is important when taking an account-based approach. From choosing accounts and personas, identifying success metrics, developing internal roles when targeting accounts to utilizing the right tactics for each account – sales and marketing must be tied at the hip. During this session, you’ll hear how Marketo has partnered with sales and marketing to launch and optimize a successful account-based approach.

10. The Disciplined ABM Organization: What Successful Companies Do Differently

Matt Senatore, Service Director, Account-Based Marketing, SiriusDecisions

In this session Matt Senatore reveals some of the best practices ABM organizations have invested in and how they differ from their lower-performing peers. You’ll learn where organizations are focusing activity, tools and measurement for ABM and see award-winning examples from fearless ABM clients of SiriusDecisions. It’s time to make a commitment to ABM’s success!

Join Terminus & BrightFunnel at #MKTGnation

Go to Marketing Nation Summit for the sessions, stay for the margaritas! We’ll be serving up ABM strategies and frozen margs at the Terminus and BrightFunnel booth, and we’re throwing one of our infamous All ‘Bout Margaritas parties with our friends from Sigstr and Uberflip. Get the details here.

All 'Bout Margaritas at Marketo Marketing Nation Summit