ABM Superheroes in Full Force at Revenue Summit 2017

Account-based marketing superheroes at Revenue Summit 2017

Terminators and Terminus customers will share their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) journeys at Revenue Summit in San Francisco.

#FlipMyFunnel and Sales Hacker have joined forces to put on the B2B marketing and sales event of the year: #RevSummit17. Some of the best and brightest in B2B marketing and sales will converge at Pier 27 in San Francisco from March 7th to 8th to share strategies they’re implementing to better align their teams and increase revenue. One of the key focuses of the event will be account-based marketing and sales, and the speakers will also share which ABM technologies they use to scale these programs.

Terminus Customers Speaking at Revenue Summit 2017

Included in the incredible speaker lineup are several Terminus customers who are doing account-based marketing and seeing real, measurable results in their organizations. Check out the list of Terminus customers who are presenting at Revenue Summit.

Building an ABM Playbook: Lessons Learned from the School of Hard Knocks (Panel)

March 7th | 2:55 p.m. | Everest Stage
During this panel discussion moderated by Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at MongoDB, three B2B marketing leaders will share the story of their ABM journeys and lessons they’ve learned along the way from implementing account-based marketing programs at their organizations.

Julia Stead
Director of Demand Generation

Avi Bhatnagar, Director, Web Marketing and Strategy at WhiteHat Security
Avi Bhatnagar
Director, Web Marketing + Strategy
WhiteHat Security

Bassem Hamdy, EVP of Marketing and Enterprise Strategy at Procore - Revenue Summit 2017
Bassem Hamdy
EVP Marketing and Enterprise Strategy
Procore Technologies

Ready, Set, Start: Rocking ABM Account Selection from A to Z

March 7th | 10:20 a.m. | K2 Stage
Account selection is a major component of a well-executed ABM program. Hear from Lisa Skinner, VP of Demand Generation at Localytics, as she shares how her team created a process for account selection and used a pilot program to get up and running with ABM.

Lisa Skinner, VP of Demand Generation at Localytics - Revenue Summit 2017

Lisa Skinner
Vice President, Demand Generation

Closing with Coffee: Energizing and Engaging Target Accounts

March 7th | 11:10 a.m. | K2 Stage
Engaging target accounts in a creative, effective way is no easy task. During this presentation, Christelle and Nate from Domo will share the multi-channel ABM campaign their team created to reach their best-fit accounts using coffee!

Christelle Flahaux, VP of Marketing at Domo - Revenue Summit 2017
Christelle Flahaux
Vice President Marketing

Nate Hurst, Manager of ABM at Domo - Revenue Summit 2017 Nate Hurst
Manager, Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Forget the Fluff: Here’s What Your Board Really Wants Hear About ABM Results

March 7th | 11:35 a.m. | K2 Stage
Want to know how to really show results and measure the success of your ABM programs? Kristen will share the metrics they use at VersionOne to show the value of ABM to stakeholders within their organization.

Kristen Wendel, Marketing Operations Director at VersionOne - Revenue Summit 2017
Kristen Wendel
Marketing Operations Director

Lessons from the Lab: The Chemistry of Enterprise ABM (Panel)

March 8th | 10:45 a.m. | Everest Stage
During this panel, we’ll hear from ABM superheroes from three enterprise companies who have successfully implemented and driven revenue with account-based marketing.

Joe Quinn, Section Manager, Account-Based Marketing Americas at National Instruments - Revenue Summit 2017

Joe Quinn
Section Manager, Account-Based Marketing, Americas
National Instruments

Terminators Speaking at Revenue Summit

Not only do we have Terminus customers presenting at Revenue Summit, we also have three of our incredible Terminus team members (aka Terminators) sharing their expertise on ABM during the conference.

B2B Mega Trends

March 7th | 9:20 a.m. | Everest Stage
Sangram is known for his big ideas when it comes to B2B marketing, so we’ll hear from him on what he foresees as the biggest trend for 2017.

Sangram Vajre #FlipMyFunnel
Sangram Vajre
CMO & Co-Founder at Terminus & Founder of #FlipMyFunnel

Expanding Your Reach in Target Accounts

March 7th | 10:45 a.m. | K2 Stage
Tonni and Stephanie embody the true meaning of having a smarketing team. Learn why as they dive into how the marketing and sales teams at Terminus work together to expand reach to key decision-makers within target accounts.

Tonni Bennett
VP of Sales

Stephanie Kelly
Stephanie Kelly
Director of Marketing Operations

Will we see you at Revenue Summit 2017?

We’re so excited to head to San Fran to hear from both our Terminus team members and our customers at Revenue Summit 2017. If you still don’t have your ticket yet, register with our promo code TERMINUS for 20% off.

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