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    • Tonni
      Tonni says:

      Thanks Tony! I appreciate your comment. Mintigo is a great example of an ABM solution that can help marketing and sales focus on the best accounts.

  1. Dave Vranicar
    Dave Vranicar says:


    This is a great post! I’m so glad to see that Terminus has begun a more conscious outreach to salespeople and sales leaders for account-based marketing.

    In most B2B organizations that engage in complex sales, Sale has more clout than Marketing does.

    One big problem for this group is the name “Account-Based Marketing.” It implies that this is a marketing program that isn’t for salespeople.

    Nor is “Account-Based Everything” a great name, because it’s too vague and inclusive.

    To get salespeople interested in the topic, I suggest marketers drop the buzzwords and call it by a new name that every salesperson cares about. For example, try “Focused account engagement.”

    The key is to help salespeople understand it’s about teamwork and collaboration of a kind they probably haven’t experienced before.

    Thanks again.


  2. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    Account-based marketing is a crucial component in helping drive more qualified leads. We at SmartSearch Marketing are starting to put a heavier focus on ABM because we know how powerful it is if used properly.


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