Product Updates

Announcing Sigstr + Terminus Integration

At the end of the day, account-based marketing is all about using everything at your disposal to build meaningful, lasting relationships with the accounts that matter most to your business. ABM practitioners do this by aligning marketing and sales around the right accounts and leveraging all the data at their disposal to launch precision messaging to the right people at the right time.

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with Sigstr, whose leading relationship intelligence data can now be imported directly into Terminus Account Hub, where you can use it to create account lists, launch tailored multichannel campaigns, and evaluate your account progression across marketing and sales.

Introducing Full-Funnel Intelligence in Account Hub

Terminus already delivers account-level engagement data to drive who you target, how you engage them, and when you activate sales on a given account. But as accounts progress farther on their lifecycle, more and more engagement happens in one-to-one conversations.

Ideally, over time, you’ll have more conversations, engage more points of contact, and have more meaningful interactions with an account as it moves toward purchase, and once they become a happy customer.

By bringing relationship intelligence into the Account Hub, we’re happy to offer marketers a seamless way to track accounts along the entire funnel and use that intelligence to take action that drives revenue.

Take Action Faster and Keep Marketing and Sales in Lockstep

Relationship intelligence offers a powerful way for marketing to accelerate deals, and save at-risk deals, by launching campaigns to accounts with weak relationship signals. Imagine if you could quantify when a deal started going south, and swoop in with additional messaging, relevant content, or high-touch support.

By combining engagement and relationship intelligence, modern marketers are reaching deeper and deeper into their sales cycles to improve conversion rates, accelerate deals to close, and keep sales focused on the right accounts.

Relationship scores can even help you improve your pipeline forecast accuracy.

Get in touch today to get started with better targeting, deeper engagement, and world-class program measurement with Terminus and Sigstr.