20 Heroes of the 200 #FlipMyFunnel Podcast Episodes

Two hundred is a magical number for us here at Terminus. Why? Because today marks the 200th episode of the #FlipMyFunnel podcast, and to celebrate we highlighted 20 of our customers that have been featured on the podcast so far this year.

The endless topics and valuable advice that these experts have given can’t go unnoticed. Guests have included Katie Burke, chief people officer of HubSpot, and Derek Grant, VP of sales at SalesLoft, just to name a few. From account-based sales and marketing to personal growth and leadership, there is plenty for you to learn!

Hosted by Terminus’ chief evangelist, Sangram Vajre, each episode of the #FlipMyFunnel Podcast gives you around 10 to 20 minutes of ABM expertise. We’re excited to have reached this milestone and are eager to give you 200 more!

Episode #96: ABM Success: Invoca’s Journey from Implementation to Optimization

Julia Stead and her team at Invoca turned their traditional lead-based marketing approach into nearly 90% account-based marketing (ABM) in one year. Check out this recording of her presentation from our San Francisco event as she shares how her team transformed their demand gen program.

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Episode #62: Engagement: Marketing 2.0

Potential buyers want to feel as though your service is specifically catered to them, and in today’s world of marketing, it’s all about personal engagement. In this episode, Jill Rowley, chief growth officer for Marketo, shares her philosophy of new marketing techniques that reel in potential buyers and keeps the current ones engaged.

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David Politis - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 42

Episode #42: Execution vs. Vision: A No-Brainer

Some companies succeed from the ground up, while others never get their ideas off the ground. Why is that? David Politis, founder and chief executive of BetterCloud, has the answer: execution.

“At the end of the day, everyone’s got ideas. But if a dozen companies are based on the same idea and one executes it better than the other, they’re the winner.” Listen to the full episode to learn how to successfully execute your business’ vision.

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Tyler Lessard - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 31

Episode #31: How to Make Your Accounts Love the Fact That You’re Targeting Them

Every potential client and customer wants to feel nurtured. They want strategies that are creatively campaigned just for them and their needs. Tyler Lessard, Vidyard’s CMO and one of Marketo’s Fearless 50 Marketers, shares how he and his team strategically create and execute marketing campaigns that turn potential customers into buyers.

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Katie Burke - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 27

Episode #27: Think and Grow Rich Company Culture

Your company’s culture plays a big role in how successful your business is. In order to do that, you need to “think and grow rich,” as Katie Burke, chief people officer at HubSpot would say. Head over to the #FlipMyFunnel Podcast as Katie shares her wisdom on cultivating an exceptional company culture.

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Kipp Bodnar - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 16

Episode #16: Regaining Trust as a Marketer Is Simple, Not Easy

To know that consumers consider marketing one of the least trusted professions kind of hurts. When your job consists of placing ads in front of targeted consumers, how do you do so without being intrusive and annoying? Luckily, Kipp Bodnar, CMO of HubSpot, gave us his first-hand insights from 10 years of inbound marketing on how to do just that.

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Lisa Skinner #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 91

Episode #91: Ready, Set, Start: Rocking ABM Account Selection from A-Z

Lack of sales and marketing alignment, low win rates, and overall inefficiency of businesses are just some of the many challenges of the marketing world. With statistics showing only a 1% lead conversion, Lisa Skinner of Localytics tells us how to truly focus in on the right accounts to turn leads into revenue.

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Seyar Karimi - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 95

Episode #95: Chasing Moments as an SDR

As a sales development rep, every moment matters. Often times we neglect to take a moment to look around and take advantage of our environment. In this podcast, Seyar Karimi, sales development rep at Uberflip, teaches us how to make our everyday interactions less about us and more about those we interact with. Check out this podcast to hear more.

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Trish Bertuzzi - #FlipMYFunnel Podcast 51

Episode #51: Methods, Models, and Metrics of Account-Based Revenue

This episode features Trish Bertuzzi, president and chief strategist with Bridge Group, Inc., as she discusses her framework for account-based marketing. Tune in to learn four crucial things she’s learned throughout her ABM journey — from how to do marketing math to the truth behind email open rates.

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#FlipMyFunnel Podcast 110 - Charles Kollo

Episode 110: Account-Based Marketing for Small Teams

Being tasked with growing an SMB company can be demanding, especially with a small marketing and sale team. But if you ever find yourself wondering, “Is this business really for me?” don’t give up or doubt yourself just yet. Charles Kollo, digital marketing manager at MessageGears, has the tips and tricks to help your team drive engagement with the right accounts and push forward to success.

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Derek Grant - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 160

Episode #160: Sales Leadership: One Mistake Can Make or Break

As the VP of sales at SalesLoft, there’s no question Derek Grant is an incredible sales leader. In this episode of the #FlipMyFunnel podcast, Derek talks all about sales leadership, sales and marketing alignment, ABM, and more!

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Daniel Englebretson - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 180

Episode #180: Award-Winning Lessons You Need for Your Next Demand Generation Campaign

Don’t trap yourself by focusing on one thing at a time. Take advantage of spreading yourself thin in multiple areas of interest and discover what sticks. This podcast features the 2018 ABMies winner for the Best Demand Generation Campaign, Daniel Englebretson, as he teaches his award-winning lessons on generating demand among target accounts.

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Amber Bogie - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 175

Episode #175: Personalized Marketing and 1:1 Campaigns in an ABM World

Amber Bogie, senior marketing manager at Planview, Inc., joins Sangram on this episode to share her award-winning insight on 1:1 personalized marketing campaigns. She shares strategic advice on how to get your marketing and sales teams to work together for an incredibly personalized buying experience.

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Kristen Novak - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 150

Episode #150: Why Sales/Marketing Alignment is Foundational for NI’s ABM Strategy

As B2B leaders, we must find ways to break down the walls between our marketing and sales teams — and owning a shared target account list and sharing goals is a great way to do so strategically. Kristen Novak, ABM manager for strategic accounts at National Instruments, was kind enough to share ideas that worked for her organization when they were transitioning into ABM.

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Megan Lueders - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 120

Episode #120: 3 Things to Know About Pitching ABM to Your Board

Marketers getting their entire organization, especially at the highest levels, on board with an account-based approach takes a lot of time and very tactful presentation skills. If this seems like a stressful task to you, check out this #FlipMyFunnel podcast that features Megan Lueders, CMO at Zenoss. She shares her experience of successfully presenting to the higher ups at her company and aligning their sales and customer success teams to get everyone on board.

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What it takes to be a modern CMO - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 115

Episode #115: What it Takes to be a Modern CMO

Modern CMOs wear several different hats and follow the entire customer journey from prospect to upsell. We joined two CMOs — Kyle Lacy of Lessonly and Justin Keller of Sigstr — as they shared their “day in the life” experiences of what a modern CMO takes on in the ever-changing world of B2B marketing.

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matches with fire

Episode #50: How to Prioritize Your Hottest Accounts with ‘FIRE’

It’s time to FIRE up your company with the best accounts one after another — FIRE as in Fit, Intent, Relationship, and Engagement. Matt Amundson, VP of sales and marketing at EverString, shares his team’s precise approach to uncovering the best accounts.

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ABM that Sales Won’t Roll Their Eyes At - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 161

Episode #161: ABM that Sales Won’t Roll Their Eyes At

ABM places a lot of emphasis on marketing — no surprise, considering the word marketing is in the name. However, the ABM world should really focus on account-based strategy. This way, the entire company is working toward the same goals. In this episode of the #FlipMyFunnel podcast, Sonjoy Ganguly, chief product officer at Madison LogicMike Burton, co-founder of Bombora, and Anastasia Pavlova, VP of marketing from Webguilty, encourage us to gear towards moving our companies to a account-based strategy by starting small, being realistic, and taking a multichannel approach.

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ABM Playbook - #FlipMyFunnel Podcast 166

Episode #166: Building an ABM Playbook

Every play of the ABM process is effective when done right. The process of targeting specific personas and providing them with solutions and services that add value to their company is always a win. Learn from Julia Stead, head of marketing at Invoca, Bassem Hamdy, CEO of Brickschain, and Avi Bhatnagar, senior director of OPSWAT, as they shared their valuable ABM knowledge at last year’s event in San Francisco.

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