Customer Rock Star Spotlight: Jessie Wu from Autodesk

Jessie Wu is the Head of Account-Based Marketing, Autodesk Construction Solutions, which include Autodesk Construction Cloud that connects workflows, teams and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.

She is also a Terminus Rock Star customer.

Terminus Products Used:

Ad ExperiencesData StudioSales ExperiencesMeasurement StudioProfessional Services

Autodesk and ABM

Autodesk is a large enterprise. We have 40+ product offerings. The ABM approach allows us to create customized multi-channel marketing touch points that are targeted to key accounts to help our customers grow their businesses with the right Autodesk products and capabilities. We leverage ABM strategies and practices to closely align with our sales team on achieving major business goals, including breaking into new accounts as well as expansion, upsell, cross sell, and renewals.

Why Autodesk chose Terminus for ABM

There are two reasons we chose Terminus.

  1. The platform allows us to easily identify target accounts by tracking and aggregating all account intelligence data in one place – the Data Studio.
  2. The self-serve Ad Experiences platform, and the support we receive from Terminus’ dedicated experts, is the perfect engagement model for our marketing team. It allows us to deploy our ABM programs quickly and effectively.

My favorite part of my relationship with the Terminus team, though, is that they take the time to listen and uncover solutions to problems unique to our business. Terminus is a trustworthy partner who supports us throughout our ABM journey, and we’re growing together.

How we use Terminus to support our ABM programs

Terminus bridges the gap between marketing and sales team by providing account intelligence and people data from the same data source.

This enables us to do two things:

  1. We run programmatic and scalable ABM campaigns to targeted clusters of accounts that share common characteristics, such as industry type.
  2. We run high-touch 1:few, 1:1 programs that create tailored experiences for our top accounts that show the highest levels of interest and intent.

As mentioned, Terminus allows us to easily create target account lists by tracking and aggregating first-party and third-party account intelligence data all in one place. Before Terminus, it was extremely difficult to create effective target account lists. Terminus saved us tons of hours manually compiling different data points across multiple platforms. The Terminus modules in Salesforce also make the data more meaningful and digestible. It helps our sales team quickly identify and prioritize accounts and contacts to target. Our sales team also has better insights into customer behaviors and can tailor their outreach based on interests.

Two critical considerations for ABM

First and foremost, it’s extremely important for sales and marketing teams to get on the same page about the definition of ABM and the collective goals they’re trying to achieve.

It is also critical to get leadership buy-in on incorporating ABM as part of your core marketing strategy because you need dedicated ABM resources and a team to build and scale ABM programs. It cannot be a part-time job.

Final recommendation

It’s important for B2B companies to shift their mindset from solely focusing on driving lead volume. The ROI of building stronger relationships with top prospects and customers is much higher in the long run.

The scope of ABM is different for every company, so my recommendation is to focus on the top business goals before developing your ABM strategies, purchasing an ABM tech stack, and building the team.

It’s always rewarding to see ABM’s incredible impact on pipeline and revenue within a short amount of time. It’s also exciting and fulfilling when I can inspire other marketers to believe in the power of ABM to build better relationships with their customers.

I am Jessie Wu, and I am a Terminus Rockstar.

You can follow Jessie on LinkedIn for more learnings and tips from a real ABM rock star HERE!