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We’re more than a platform. We’re a team of ABM experts who are passionate about helping you succeed. That’s why more than 1,000 marketers use Terminus for account-based marketing.

Account-Based Marketing Program of the Year: Masergy

Terminus customer Masergy was selected by SiriusDecisions as 2018’s ABM Program of the Year for achieving significant and innovative results in Account-Based Marketing.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jeff Marcoux

“Terminus has bridged the gap in our fit and intent modeling. Terminus enables TTEC to engage with target accounts beyond traditional tactics.”

- Jeff Marcoux, Vice President of Marketing, TTEC
Jeff Marcoux
Melissa Meinert

“Terminus is allowing us to provide segmented messaging based on our target account list and where they are in our funnel. Terminus’ reporting is helping us prioritize accounts and show our C-suite where marketing has influence.”

- Melissa Meinert, Director of Marketing Programs, Salesloft
Melissa Meinert
Easton Kowalski

“With Terminus, GTreasury was able to see who in our target audience was researching our solution. Then, we could target the decision makers at those accounts with relevant, personalized ads which helped us double our clickthrough rate and get more demos.”

- Easton Kowalski, Marketing Ops Lead, GTreasury
Easton Kowalski
Daniel Day

“I had this dream of doing ABM for 200, 500, one thousand companies that we were going after, and that’s the platform Terminus has built. You cannot believe the kind of alignment that drives between marketing and sales.”

- Daniel Day, Director of ABM, Snowflake
Daniel Day

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2020 Leader in Account-Based Marketing

Terminus ABM Platform is a leader in Account-Based Advertising on G2

Account-Based Advertising

Terminus ABM Platform is a leader in Account-Based Orchestration Platforms on G2

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Terminus ABM Platform is a leader in Account-Based Execution on G2

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Terminus ABM Platform is a leader in Account-Based Analytics on G2

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