Why Display Advertising Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Display advertising is growing at a rapid pace. Forrester Research predicts that by 2017, online display ad spending will reach $28 billion. If you have considered dipping your feet into the waters of display marketing, here are a few reasons that will encourage you to take the plunge.

Display Advertising For Brand Awareness

As marketers we all want people to know about our brand and what we do. Once people are aware of our brand, we also want them to do business with us. Display advertising can fast track brand awareness quickly, delivering your brand’s imagery and messaging to your desired audience. Even if your ad isn’t clicked, your audience is still being exposed to your brand, which will be top of mind when they are ready to make a purchase. According to a report by Forbes.com:

“90% of marketers say online display advertising is good for branding.”

Types Of Targeting

The technologies available to target audiences are another reason why display advertising has so many advantages. These technologies grant you the flexibility to reach your audience by a variety of methods. If you would like to focus the bulk of your attention on a specific organization, company targeting allows you to serve display ads to a specific set of companies using their IP address. Have a specific list of people you want to target? Great! Employee targeting allows your to serve ads with nothing more than a list of email addresses. These are just a couple of the many ways to target an audience through display advertising.

A Full Funnel Approach

A FULL FUNNEL APPROACHOne of the biggest benefits of using display advertising is the ability to influence each stage of the marketing funnel. The use of behavioral targeting and contextual targeting can be employed to gain brand awareness at the top of the funnel. In the middle, your focus will be on engaging and educating your prospects. Using your ads to entice prospects into downloading white papers will ensure your prospects are well-informed about your products and services. At the bottom of the funnel, retargeting can be used to focus on people who have previously visited your site. Keeping your brand in front of prospects who have shown interest will increase leads and drive sales.

Real Time Reporting

Display advertising allows you to laser-focus your efforts on the accounts and prospects you really want. By concentrating on those who have shown interest in your product, you avoid wasting budget on those not related to buying decision. Display advertising is also highly effective when used in tandem with other marketing strategies such as paid search, social engagement, content marketing, etc. Real time reporting also allows marketers to see the effects or their campaigns immediately and optimize quickly. Monitoring and optimizing your campaigns gets easier and more effective over time, leading to more effective campaigns that drive more leads and boost sales.