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Email Signature Examples

Each and every email sent by you and your employees amount to thousands of brand impressions with your most important audience (customers, contacts, stakeholders, and prospects). Hopefully this is a positive impression, but sometimes it can be a negative one. Why? Just like the subject line, greeting, or body of the email, the employee’s email signature gets a lot of attention in each of these messages.

What’s the best way to ensure you’re making a positive brand impression with this piece of digital real estate? Use email signature software, like Sigstr, to standardize this area across all employees. Sigstr has many email signature examples to show how leading marketing teams are doing this today. Need a specific signature sample that includes social media icons or an employee headshot? Sigstr has it! Need recommendations on your email signature size and dimensions? Sigstr can help there, too!

In addition to creative email signatures and funny email signatures, Sigstr also features professional email signatures with disclaimers, credentials, and certifications. If you’re wondering how to display credentials in an email signature, you have landed in the right spot! Our recommendation is to place your most important credential, such as an “MBA” for example, close to your name. On the same line is preferred, but you could also place it directly under the name. If you have just completed an important training or need to prove certification, your email signature is an appropriate place for this (if done the right way). Based on our email signature examples, certifications should go under the sender’s name, title, company, and contact information. They can be displayed in text form or with logos, depending on the sophistication of your email signature template. A sender’s ITIL certification email signature, for example, should display as “IPIL Certified” in text form or be a logo that represents the IPIL certification.

Best Email Signatures Examples

Which specific components make up the best email signatures? Examples from real Sigstr customers include the following:

  • First and last name
  • Title (or current role) and company name
  • Contact information (in most cases just the phone number)
  • Social media icons
  • Headshot or avatar (recommended but not needed)
  • A call-to-action banner located underneath the signature portion

If you’re looking for today’s best email signatures, 2019’s September Issue of Email Signature Marketing has that and more! Especially pay attention to the best format for email signature use cases, as different banner ads can be designed for different purposes. If you’re looking for even more use cases, including positive email signatures for a good cause, check out Sigstr’s 36 Creative Use Cases for Email Signature Marketing resource. This ebook includes plenty of examples, options, and sources of inspiration to jumpstart your email signature marketing strategy. Whether you’re an Outlook or Gmail user looking for ideas or a professional Gmail signature example, this resource can serve many different purposes.

Of course none of these creative email signature formats would be possible without HTML email signature code. Free tools are great, which we’ll dive into in the next section, but investing in email signature software has many benefits. With an email signature platform and responsive email signature capabilities, marketing teams also have peace of mind that all employee email signatures render and look great on all devices. Plus, they can use the code to target different banners with different audiences. By sender, for example! The marketing team can have one banner in their email signatures, while the sales team has a totally different banner. Or, the banner can dynamically update based on the recipient. Users can set up rules by email domain or specific contact email addresses. So, if you’re emailing someone at Klowd Software, you can set up a rule to show a banner that reads, “We love Klowd Software!” for those who have the “@klowd.com” email domain. Who knew email signature marketing could become an account based marketer’s dream?

Free Email Signature Generator

Although we don’t recommend a free email signature generator for those wanting to manage hundreds of email signatures, it does have many benefits for solo users and small teams. The main benefit? It won’t cost you a single dollar (besides time spent for customization). In addition to our own generator, here are a few of our favorite free options:

  • Drift
  • HubSpot
  • WiseStamp

Free tools like these provide the bare minimum and don’t include responsiveness or targeting functionality. If you do want the sophisticated features of email signature software, but still want to stay efficient with your dollars, we recommend starting with free email signature templates. By first using an email signature templates free download, teams can decide what they need or don’t like for their company email signature template. That way, they can build their ideal signature, then determine which functionality they need to invest in (and what they don’t need to spend money on). This approach works well for both Outlook and Gmail users, as free email signature templates for Gmail are just as common as Outlook templates.

Using a free email signature generator is a great first step towards building an email signature marketing strategy. Before diving in and committing to a software or platform, test different ideas and designs with a free tool. Decide what you like and what works best for your entire team. Determine the right colors, specific elements, and which use cases will be most useful for future email signature banners. Once your template and design is nailed down, you’ll be ready to graduate to more options and features.

Personal Email Signature

Aside from corporate email signatures, or an email signature strategy for bigger companies, a personal email signature can easily be managed by one person. As a business-related email signature represents the brand of the company the sender is a part of, an email signature for personal account purposes represents your own personal brand. With our September Issue, 36 Creative Use Cases for Email Signature Marketing, and many other resources, Sigstr is still a destination for personal email signature templates and personal email signature examples.

Personal email signature etiquette is very similar to guidelines you might use for a company email signature. Be sure to include your first name, last name, current status or role (such as “Digital Marketing Professional” or “Seeking New Opportunities in Digital Marketing”), contact information, and social media links. Avoid more than six lines of text and limit your signature to just two or three different colors. Use a font that is easy to read (avoid Comic Sans) and if you include a headshot, make sure the resolution is high quality. Another great Sigstr resource that includes personal signature examples is this State of Email Signature Marketing ebook, as it shows which colors, visual elements, and calls-to-action work best. No matter which email system you use, take the time to craft a great personal email signature. Gmail and Outlook users can both agree, leaving this area of an email blank is a big mistake.

After surveying thousands of email signatures across many different customers, the Sigstr research team found a few interesting trends with business and personal email signatures. Within the call-to-action banner, the color purple is the most effective (in terms of average click-through-rate) and photography is a visual element that helps grab the reader’s attention. Promoting an upcoming event with the call-to-action is a popular use case, while product-related announcements (new features, free demo, etc.) drove the most engagements. For more tips, tricks, and interesting trends, be sure to check out this report in the link above.

Email Signature Quotes

Now we have arrived at the most debatable topic in an email signature marketing strategy. Email signature quotes are hated by many and loved by few. Yet they still seem to be a trend worth spending some time on. While representing a company, business email signature quotes distract the reader away from more important things (such as your company’s brand or call-to-action). Even short signature day quotes have proven to be a distraction. After evaluating many different heat maps and data from Sigstr users, we advise against email inspirational quotes when the sender is a part of a brand or company that is bigger than their personal brand. Business email quotes could make more of a negative brand impression on your audience instead of a positive one.

Of course there are scenarios where email signature quotes are acceptable, such as a teacher’s personal email signature. Email signature quotes for teachers can help inspire students, parents, or other peers in the education system. We also encourage military email signature quotes for those who are veterans or are currently serving our country. If you are an environmentalist passionate about a certain topic, it’s also acceptable to use email signature quotes. Environment studies, news, or reports are also great to promote with a call-to-action banner!

Email Signature Templates Outlook

Just like Gmail, Outlook users are often times looking for an easy solution for their email signature template. Outlook may present a few more technical challenges when compared to Gmail, so it’s important to consider software or a tool that can help implement company-wide email signatures.To see how this process works for Sigstr users, type in “create email signature template Outlook” in our Help Center and you will find a detailed step-by-step process. For Outlook users, follow these steps to simply add an email signature:

  1. Sign into Outlook.
  2. Select “Settings” (located at the top of that page) and click “View all Outlook settings”.
  3. Click “Mail” and select “Compose and reply”.
  4. Scroll down to “Email signature” and insert your signature.
  5. Click “Save” when you’re all done.

This is a relatively easy process for one person to complete, but inefficient for all employees. It’s very difficult to ensure that every employee will complete this process and correctly follow the brand guidelines.

Along with a strategy for Gmail users, Sigstr has a seamless implementation process in Outlook that requires zero action from single end users. We work hard to make sure all employee email signatures work correctly with any email client, on all devices, at all times.

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