Infographic: Email is Big. Really Big. Really, Really, Really Big.

Here’s something that will blow your mind.

Let’s say you printed out every single email that is sent in a day (on average). And, to keep things simple, let’s say it was on a regular 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper. Sure, some emails might be longer than that and some shorter, but let’s assume they average out.

Now, take those pieces of paper and tape them end-to-end (subtle nod to our Stranger Things 2 post last week!) on their short sides. That is one long chain of paper. Long enough to reach Mars (and then some)…

274 billion emails are sent every day. Mars is 33.9 million miles away – about 179 billion feet away. So, if my math checks out, that means it would take 195 billion sheets of paper to get there. You could travel to Mars AND 40% of the way back home.

*Side note: We will send a free Sigstr t-shirt to anyone who does the math for number of daily emails sent equal to beach size (in grains of sand)

Are you taking advantage of every employee email sent?

This whole “distance to Mars with paper” thing is a little abstract though. So, to give you an idea of the crazy amount of email being sent every day, we made this handy infographic that compares email sends to other common daily online interactions. Spoiler alert: Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify combined can’t touch the sheer volume of email.

How big is email at your company? Our general rule of thumb is that the average employee sends about 10,000 emails every year. If your company has 100 employees, that’s 1 million emails annually. If you’re a modern company with a large sales and marketing staff – that number jumps dramatically as they’re interacting with your clients, prospects, and partners way more frequently via email. Just imagine how many clicks and impressions you’re missing out on by not using the email signature area as a call-to-action.

Drum roll please…

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