Exploring the Future of B2B Marketing with Terminus CEO Andy Frawley

In a recent LinkedIn Live session, Taylor Young, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Terminus, sat down with newly appointed CEO of Terminus, Andy Frawley to discuss the evolving landscape of B2B marketing, Terminus’ role, and how we plan to drive further innovation and customer success. 

Keep reading for a recap of the key themes: 

Driving Outcomes and Customer Value 

Andy emphasized the importance of driving outcomes for customers. He shared that his management approach revolves around transparency and effective communication. He also highlighted the significance of understanding clients’ specific goals and delivering business outcomes that lead to increased pipeline and revenue acceleration.

The Evolution of ABM & Go-to-Market Strategy

The conversation then shifted to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and how it has evolved beyond marketing. Andy explained that Terminus aims to play a broader role, especially in the middle of the funnel, by optimizing the journey of leads from initial interest to becoming qualified prospects.

When asked about the future of ABM, Andy indicated that ABM as a category needs a “rebrand” of sorts as the “M” is ABM’s strategy to just marketing. He emphasized Terminus’ potential to be a leader in the middle of the funnel, offering insights and technologies that drive efficiency and velocity. 

One example being Terminus’ newly launched Terminus Prospect Engine, a new offering providing intelligent data to uncover previously unknown accounts and contacts showing in-market buying signals. 

AI and Emerging Trends 

There’s no pretending that AI is already and will continue to play a significant role in the future of MarTech. From Andy’s point of view, AI will eventually play a major role in curating prospect data, identifying intent, and generating targeted content. He also touched on the potential for generative AI to create personalized content for specific audiences. As the power of generative AI continues to evolve, keep an eye on Terminus. 

Leadership Philosophy

Andy’s leadership philosophy revolves around transparency, communication, and delivering outcomes. He believes in providing teams with the right tools, resources, and subject matter experts to optimize their experience and achieve their business objectives. 
Be sure to watch the full AMA  session on LinkedIn. To learn how Terminus can help you drive more pipeline and revenue, reach out to us directly.