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Facebooks Ads

Facebook is one of the fastest-growing and known social media platforms to date, but have you ever thought of using Facebook as an advertising channel? Facebook ads can become an effective way to reach out to current and future customers of your company, with a minimal fee. The best part? You don’t need to be an expert in advertising and running campaigns to use Facebook as a marketing channel. You can choose from a variety of formats for your ads including single images, single videos, or a slideshow. You can review the Facebook marketing pdf 2019 or follow these few steps to get your Facebook ad (or ads) up and running:

  1. Select your objective of your advertisement.
  2. Pick your targeted audience.
  3. Decide when and where you want the advertisement to be displayed.
  4. Finalize your daily and time period budget.
  5. Choose an advertisement format, whether that will be an image or video like we discussed above.
  6. Submit your advertisement to Facebook’s ad auction.
  7. When your ad is up and running, you can analyze its performance and revise if needed.

This simple process is utilized by businesses every day, as they promote Facebook business ads on their pages and on the feeds of their targeted audience. Still not sure how to weave Facebook into your overall advertising strategy? Check out the complete guide to Facebook advertising pdf or Facebook advertising for dummies pdf. Interested in seeing Facebook ad examples? There are several online resources that provide designs and use case ideas. For example, if you are looking for examples of Facebook ads 2019, there are available resources like the Facebook ads guide 2019, Facebook ads guide pdf 2019, and even Facebook ads tutorial 2019 pdf. Each Facebook ads guide will include examples, strategies, advice, and formats for any type of ad. The guide will be in the form of a web page of Facebook ads guide pdf.

For a complete list of advertisements, you may also use Facebook ads guide pdf 2018, Facebook ads PDF 2018, or Facebook ads tutorial 2018 PDF. These pages offer a wider variety of examples, as it lists the various advertisements promoted throughout 2018, while 2019 is still an on-going list. Lastly, you can visit the Facebook ads tutorial Youtube channel to get a deeper understanding of what we’ve just discussed. For some, video content like this is easier to consume and learn from versus reading a PDF.

Facebook Ads Manager

After seeing an ad pop up on your Facebook feed, have you ever asked yourself, Should I learn how to create Facebook ads? If you answered, I want to learn how to create an ad in Facebook ads manager, then keep reading! Facebook Ads Manager is a helpful tool provided by Facebook for managing advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. Not only can you create new campaigns for your ads, but you can also adjust your ongoing campaigns, review results of individual ads, and learn what you can keep and change for the next campaign. You can watch the Facebook ads tutorial to discover how to create a Facebook ad account, how to create Facebook ads step by step, and how to create a Facebook ad campaign to get started.

The Facebook ads manager tutorial will provide you and your company with insight on what all you can accomplish when you use the Facebook ad manager tool. Additionally, Facebook has created a Facebook ads manager app, providing you with anywhere access to your advertising campaigns, making ad campaign management easier than ever! This resource is a great way to advertise your company in an affordable, yet efficient way. Depending on where your company is with advertising and growth, Facebook may be the right place to start your ad strategy.

Facebook’s default pricing option is cost-per-click, as it is cheaper to pay based off clicks than impressions. Cost-per-mille, or CPM is the amount of advertising paid per one thousand visitors who see the advertisement. The Facebook CPM 2019 was around an average of eleven dollars and twenty cents, while the Facebook CPC 2019 was around an average of fifty cents and two dollars. For Facebook, CPC is the best way to reduce costs, as it only charges you for those who click on your advertisement, and not the thousands who scroll past it on their feeds every day. We hope this information gave you a quick overview of Facebook ads tutorial 2019, but if not, check out a Facebook ads tutorial pdf as it provides answers on how to create a Facebook ad 2018, how to create a Facebook ad 2019, how to find your Facebook ad account ID, why your Facebook ad account ID is important, and much more.

Facebook Business

Facebook Business is another great tool provided by Facebook, as it helps business owners manage ads and pages (and it’s free)! To create Facebook business account, you can click here, click to add Facebook account, and then fill in the requirements to establish yourself as a Facebook business account. Once your business account is created, you can utilize all the tools provided by Facebook to market your business by creating ads, gaining fans, and bringing brand awareness to your company.

Facebook ads for small business is a great method of advertising, as it is not as expensive as other marketing channels, and provides brand awareness to all of Facebook users. Additionally, if you own a local business, you can make money running Facebook ads for local businesses, as you are able to bring exposure to your company without paying too much for traditional forms of advertising. Another option for smaller businesses is to look into a Facebook advertising agency for small business, as these agencies let your company select the services from the Facebook page manager that are the best fit for where your company is at.

Lastly, if you are an advertising agency or marketer, you are able to create Facebook ad account for client. This option allows the company to add people, such as an advertising agent or marketer, to their Facebook Business page to then begin their advertising campaign. We only listed a few of the dozens of options you can use through Facebook Business and Facebook ads. There are several additional online resources that can provide more information on Facebook ads for service business, creating a Facebook personal ad account, how to request more ad accounts on Facebook, examples of Facebook ads for local businesses 2018, and Facebook ads for local businesses 2019.

Google Ad Manager

Facebook isn’t the only platform that offers an ad manager. Google ad Manager is also a popular tool for digital marketers. While the Facebook ads manager app is specialized for social ads, Google specializes in search and display ads. These can be seen when typing in a search on Google or even browsing through your favorite websites. There are so many keywords to bid on, each fluctuating with different cost-per-click numbers and competition. It can easily be overwhelming to those just starting out, and maybe even a little more complicated to figure out versus the Facebook ad manager tool. That’s why it’s important to do your research first and come up with a plan, or else you’re just spending your budget on random keywords that might not convert into qualified leads for your sales and marketing team.

So which ad manager and channel should you use? Our recommendation is to use both, based on what makes the most sense for your business or company. It’s better to create a “surround sound” effect with your digital advertising instead of pouring all of your budget into one channel. It’s part of the digital marketer’s job to experiment, measure, and figure out which advertising channels are most effective for their team. How can one do that if you’re only using one channel or afraid to experiment with another channel? Don’t be afraid to try both, but have a plan and be efficient with your spending budget. Then pour more of your budget into what has proven to be most effective.

Instagram Advertising Cost

Speaking of other ad channels, Instagram is also emerging as a popular choice for advertising teams today. The instagram ads manager is a branch off of Facebook’s ad manager, as it allows you to use the same techniques and ads on both social media platforms. You are given the chance to connect your business’ Instagram account to your Facebook business page, allowing you to post advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time. A benefit of Instagram is that, on average, the Instagram advertising cost is fairly cheaper than Facebook’s, based off of average cost-per-click data. So if you’re looking to experiment with other advertising channels (going back to our point above), Instagram is a great place to start because it’s already connected to your existing Facebook ad account.

While the average cost-per-click for Facebook ads is between fifty cents and two dollars, Instagram’s cost-per-click can range from twenty cents to two dollars; offering a thirty cents difference for the minimum. Additionally, Instagram ads offer a wider variety for your business’ target audience, as there are users on Instagram who do not participate in Facebook, and vice versa. Of course none of these click metrics mean anything if they aren’t driving the right website traffic and leads for your organization. If a certain channel, whether that be social or web, proves to be effective, then teams are more willing to bid higher and spend more of their budget.

Facebooks Ads Pricing

To help those curious about pricing details, we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions about Facebook ads below, specifically focusing on Facebook ads pricing.

How much do Facebook ads cost 2018?

For 2018, the average cost of an advertisement by cost-per-click is twenty-seven cents.

How much do Facebook ads cost 2019?

On average in 2019, Facebook ads cost between fifty cents and two dollars for every click in most industries. Your business can also use the Facebook ad cost calculator by providing your targets and budget, and Facebook will give you a recommended advertising price.

How much to spend on Facebook ads?

There is no exact price to spend on advertisements, as all companies have different objectives. But the minimum you should want to spend on a Facebook ad is a dollar per day. If you want to find a specific price based off of users, you can use cost-per-engagement. Facebook will divide your total amount of spending by the number of engagement actions for your advertising campaign. This will give you an amount for each individual, that you can then use to create a Facebook ad budget.

How to advertise on Facebook without paying?

The best way to advertise on Facebook without paying is by gaining fans and enhancing your business page.

How to place an ad on Facebook for free?

You can post free Facebook ads by creating a template, saving it as an image, and posting it on your business page’s status.

How to run Facebook ads for free?

As mentioned above, you can either post on your business page or create free advertisements with a free generator and post the pictures to Facebook. These options are great for Facebook free advertising for small businesses as they avoid adding additional marketing expenses.

How to advertise on Facebook for free 2018?

In 2018, Facebook introduced using Facebook LIVE as an advertising method for businesses. This tool lets your business page post live videos that can promote your product or service.

How to advertise on Facebook for free 2019?

By combining Facebook LIVE with your business page, you can also utilize timing of your posts to gain the most fans for your page. For example, do not post too late and try to post on weekends, as these are the times that most users are on Facebook.