Flip My Funnel: Account-Based Marketing Challenging the Status Quo of B2B


Our very first Flip My Funnel ABM conference was such a huge success! More than 300 of the best and brightest B2B marketing and sales leaders joined us in Atlanta for #FlipMyFunnel. We sold out the event and we received rave reviews. The content of our sessions, the stellar lineup of speakers, and our awesome attendees all helped to rock the event. We even trended above Kim Kardashian on Twitter by scoring more than 2,000 tweets mentioning #FlipMyFunnel in one day!

So what is #FlipMyFunnel, really?
Well, it’s an entirely new way to look at the sales and marketing funnel.


It starts by identifying your ideal customer, or account, then expanding your outreach by engaging your prospects on the channels which they are actively using such as social, mobile, display and video. Then, after your prospects become customers, you continue to actively market to them with the goal of creating customer advocates.

Your best fit customers deserve your best efforts through their entire customer journey and flipping the funnel helps you do that in the most efficient way.

It’s our mission to enable B2B marketers with account-based marketing techniques to reach and engage targeted accounts across all stages of the buyer’s journey.

When we came up with idea to host a conference all about flipping the traditional funnel on its head, we knew a few things:

  • The market was hungry for a new way to do business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing
  • This event wasn’t about us, it was about the idea of flipping the funnel
  • It couldn’t be vendor oriented or a product pitch

We wanted the #FlipMyFunnel event to be about something which could ultimately shape our industry for the future. And it worked.

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Now, we’re taking our show on the road.
I’m delighted and privileged to announce that FlipMyFunnel will be hitting the road! At our Atlanta event, we heard from our conference attendees that they wanted more events outside of San Francisco or New York City. So we picked three more cities where we could get innovative marketers to come together for a one-day event.

In December, we will be heading to Boston and Chicago, and then on to Austin in January. With a power-packed lineup of account-based marketing speakers, you won’t want to miss #FlipMyFunnel.

I promise this event won’t a vendor pitch or product showcase. #FlipMyFunnel is hosted in partnership with ABM thought leaders from SiriusDecisionsTerminusEngagio, and G2Crowd so we can learn together.

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#FlipMyFunnel #Chicago #B2B

#FlipMyFunnel Chicago will be on Tuesday, Dec. 8, from 1 to 6 pm at 1871 Chicago

FlipMyFunnel Boston #B2B

#FlipMyFunnel Boston will be on Thursday, Dec. 10, from 1 to 6 pm at Laugh Boston

#FlipMyFunnel Austin #B2B #marketing

#FlipMyFunnel Austin Date TBD, so stay tuned!
Here’s a glimpse at our sessions & speakers:

Megan Heuer SiriusDecisions

“Account-Based Marketing: What’s Next For The Winning Mix of
Technology, Analytics and Common-Sense?”

Megan Heuer
VP and Group Director

“Measuring The Results Of Your Account-Based Marketing Campaigns”
Jon Miller
CEO and Co-Founder

“Using Account-Based Marketing To Turn Your Customers Into Brand Advocates”
Adrienne Weissman
G2 Crowd
Of course, I’ll be there too with the Terminus crew. This is a great opportunity to see what all the account-based marketing buzz is about and network with your fellow B2B sales and marketing mavens.

Here’s a bit more about what we will discuss at #FlipMyFunnel:

  • Flipping the traditional B2B sales and marketing funnel
  • Getting started with an account-based marketing program
  • Differentiating between outbound selling and account-based marketing
  • Expanding your reach through social selling
  • Engaging your customers on the right channels
  • Activating your customers as advocates for your brand
  • Building marketing and sales technology stacks

Also, here’s a rap we created with my son Krish to explain a bit more about #FlipMyFunnel

Reserve your seat here by clicking on your city.

If you’re interested in bringing #FlipMyFunnel to your hometown, let me know where we should go next in the comments section below.