#FlipMyFunnel Virtual Summit: Funnel Flipping, Viewing Parties and Tweet Chats

The underlying concept of #FlipMyFunnel is challenging the status quo and we approach every event we do with that in mind. The #FlipMyFunnel Virtual Summit was certainly no exception.

We’ve attended many virtual events where the user experience was not spectacular and the interface looked like it was something from the 90s era. We also felt that attendees should be able to watch any session at any time throughout the day, which is something most virtual event platforms do not allow.

Simply put, we knew there was a better way to put on a virtual event and we set our minds to making it happen.

Cue #FlipMyFunnelVirtual Summit…

We built our own site and embedded videos from every session at the #FlipMyFunnel Conference. We made them available for attendees to view whenever they wanted throughout the day.

Check out our favorite attendee tweets:



But we didn’t stop there on our mission to challenge the status quo of virtual events.

We wanted attendees to be engaged on social and even in small gatherings. We accomplished this in two ways: Viewing Parties and Tweet Chats

Our friends at A. N. Deringer in Vermont and Lytics in Portland were treated to a lunch of pizza and wings for their viewing parties.

And even Team Terminus got in on the action with our hometown favorite, Chick Fil A…

We hosted two tweet chats that day. The topic for the first one was social selling and featured thought-leaders Jill Rowley, Alex Turner, and Mathew Sweezey. A hot topic here was personalizing your outreach on social media along with a healthy discussion of how much automation is appropriate.

The second tweet chat was focused on Account-Based Marketing and featured Megan Heuer, Scott Vaughan, and Sean Zinsmeister. The hot topics on this chat were how to measure success in account-based marketing and how to scale it.

It was incredible to see so many people get excited about the concept of #FlipMyFunnel and be able to spread the message around the country.

Many have asked if the videos will be made available again and we have some great news for you. We will be posting one video per week here on the Terminus blog. You can sign up to receive updates on when those are released.

Big thanks to everyone who attended the virtual summit and joined in our tweet chats! We hope to you soon on the #FlipMyFunnel Roadshow.

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