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Full-Funnel Ad Design Inspiration: The Terminus September Issue

Getting your brand in front of your most important audiences has never been more important for revenue teams. And when you do have their attention, you’ll want to make the best brand impression possible while prompting them to take the next step. That’s precisely why full-funnel targeted advertising and creative ad plays are so important. That’s also why we publish the Terminus September Issue.

With a huge amount of admiration and respect for Vogue and their annual publication of all things fashion and culture, we set out to do the same for smart, creative, targeted digital advertising. Terminus’ September Issue celebrates the creativity and amazing work of our customers, while also serving as a source of inspiration for those looking for new design or campaign ideas.

From the perspective of our content team, it’s always a fun process putting together the September Issue (now in its third year)! Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what went into this year’s issue and why it’s different than last year’s (in the style of Vogue’s popular 73 Questions video series, of course).

23 Questions About the September Issue

A Few More FAQs

What’s the Purpose of the September Issue?

It’s a piece of content intended to celebrate the creativity of Terminus customers and focuses on the designs of creative and eye-catching digital ads and email banners. It can serve as a source of inspiration for teams looking for new design ideas, ABM use cases, or examples or just really good marketing campaigns.

Who Is Featured in This Year’s Issue?

108 Terminus customers! Examples from these brands extend across 26 different use cases that coordinate with seven different sales stages. Be sure to read more about each example by flipping over the ad or banner in the gallery.

I Remember the Sigstr September Issue – Is This the Same Thing?

It sure is! Terminus acquired Sigstr in December of 2019 and since then customers have been using our platform for all of their favorite marketing channels. This year’s issue is bigger and better than ever before, now combining the best-in-class email banners with the most creative display and web ads. All examples are neatly organized in an “art gallery” webpage experience that’s easy to navigate and browse through.

Our Customers Are Amazing

The best part of this resource is that it focuses on our customers and how they’re using the Terminus platform for so many different use cases across the entire revenue funnel. From general brand awareness to specific targeting and messaging, there’s a customer (and ad example) mastering every stage.

The September Issue not only recognizes these amazing marketers at a team level, it also shines a light on the creative individuals behind each campaign or design. It’s an opportunity for marketing leaders, like Holly from Lev, to show appreciation and celebrate the talents of each team member. That’s what it’s all about! This example certainly inspired our own marketing team and we hope the work of these talented marketers does the same for your team.

Put the September Issue to Good Use

How can this resource provide value for your team? Ever heard this question from other marketing team members, your sales team, or leadership team?

“What’s next? What else can we do, try, or test?”

Sometimes it’s hard to internally manufacture new idea after new idea for campaigns, ABM use cases, or audience segments. Use the September Issue to see what today’s best marketers are trying, how they’re bringing it to life with ad design, and how it can impact specific stages of the revenue funnel. Think of this as your encyclopedia or catalog you can use to impress your boss when she or he asks, “what should our next campaign be?”

Interested in More Digital Design Trends? Let’s Hang Next Week.

But wait, there’s more! A few members of the Terminus marketing team will be hosting a chat about this year’s most creative ads and banners in B2B’s top channels. We’ll dive into best practices, specific design elements to consider, and other eye-catching components that you can use to wow your most important audiences. Join the party on September 24th at 1pm EST. See you then!