Product Updates

Terminus is Fueling Go-to-Market Teams in a Post-Cookie World

There’s been lots of chatter about Google’s phase out of third-party cookies at the end of 2021. Rightfully so, it’s a big change for marketers everywhere. The end of cookies means the way marketers have been targeting and segmenting audiences for advertising is going to look a lot different. 

We think that’s a good thing. 

We have known for a while that cookies are a flawed solution (you can check out our ebook ‘Surviving in a Post-Cookie World’ to find out why) even though a really important part of marketers’ jobs. We welcome this phase out with open arms because we’ve been preparing for this for the last 18 months. Terminus is taking a diversified approach to targeting and measurement, which will collectively deliver the results needed for omni-channel success today, and into the future…one without cookies. 

Remember when we acquired email signature company Sigstr and account-based chat solution, Ramble not too long ago? We did so for a variety of reasons – yes to make email signatures and chat functionality part of our full-funnel ABM platform, but let us (formally) introduce the why…

Data. The combination of Terminus Chat Experiences and Terminus Email Experiences is a powerful–and entirely unique–data set for marketers preparing for new ways to target without cookies. That’s because both rely on household IP addresses rather than out-of-date data like form fills. Terminus can accurately track target accounts by way of email opens and identification data through chat, which is continually updated for accuracy, and easily tracks changing or updated IP addresses at a significantly higher rate than form fills. 

As our chief product officer put it: “The data we’re collecting with both products—and how we’re collecting it—is completely unique to Terminus. Not only do customers have access to a completely novel data set, but one that is accurate and incredibly powerful for targeting. Email Service Provider(ESP) level data is quickly going to become the most valuable data in ABM, and we’re at the forefront of that evolution.” 

Think about it this way. Without access to email and chat IP data, marketers are left to rely on form fill and other historical data sets that don’t address changing IP addresses from things like service changes, downtime, or power outages, resulting in wasted ad spend (something we’re definitely not okay with). 

As an example, the average person is exposed to around 4,000 digital ads a day. Combined with an average Cost Per Thousand (CPM) of $10, marketers could waste thousands of dollars per day on mistargeted ads. For companies targeting accounts with thousands of employees, that mistargeted ad spend increases significantly. And, that’s just one example based on average data. 

Now, that’s a really high-level explanation of what we’ve been up to with Sigstr, Ramble, and how we’re preparing our customers for life after cookies with powerful first-party data. If you want to get really detailed and see how we’re gathering and leveraging this data, we suggest you give our ebook ‘Surviving in a Post-Cookie World’ a look. Our VP of Advertising has been preparing for this so he made a true survival guide that answers questions like: 

  • How will we target?! 
  • What does this mean for the future of advertising? 
  • What is the Terminus game plan for this change? 

We’ve been working on what we call Priority Ad Groups and B2B Unified ID. Which means we deliver targeted ads based on Identity, location, context, and first-party data to ensure the highest reach, viewability, and quality of target. Terminus customers will have the ability to choose how to use this data on the campaign-level, meaning with every campaign you create in Terminus, you’ll be able to choose exactly how you want to spend your budget to achieve maximum ROI. We do this using a data “waterfall” approach. Basically, with our new Priority Ad Group and B2B Unified ID functionality, you’ll be able to: 

  • Further control your ad spend 
  • Maximize your ad ROI
  • Ensure that your ads fall in front of the right eyes every single time 
  • Expand your audience reach by over 196%, versus our other competitors

If you want even more on this, check out our press release about this unique data set, take full advantage of our ‘Surviving in a Post-Cookie World’ (seriously, I’ve mentioned it three times so you know it’s good), or reach out to us for a demo