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The go-to-market transformation is here.

Revenue growth is no longer about capturing leads, passing them to sales, and then handing new customers off to someone else. It never really was. High-performing go-to-market teams just never had Terminus.

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For today's bold, revenue-oriented teams, it looks like this.

Create Demand

Create powerful campaigns with compelling messages tailored precisely for your target segments across every channel.

Create target account segments based on:

Run coordinated campaigns across:

And report on engagement and ROI in the Terminus Measurement Studio

Harvest Demand

Understand which targeted accounts are showing the most engagement, prioritize in-market-accounts with intent data, and create new opportunities.

Understand who to reach out to based on:

Book new meetings through:

And know exactly what to say to prospects through Account Insights.

Accelerate Pipeline

Get a full view of all stakeholders in each account, quantify the strength and breadth of your relationships, and deliver a personalized experience through their entire buying journey.

Engage your entire buying committee through:

And better predict your pipeline with Propensity to Buy.

Retain and Expand Customers

Work with your marketing team to generate awareness and customer engagement when it matters most. Target your biggest customers and your least engaged customers to help them achieve their goals.

Understand who’s at risk and who’s got room to grow with:

Keep customers engaged and up to date with:

And remember: retention is the new acquisition.


Modern marketing teams are measured on pipeline and revenue– not leads. Terminus gives marketing teams all the tools they need to stay focused on efficient revenue growth at every stage of the funnel. From acquisition to renewal and everything in between, our customers create and accelerate pipeline through intelligent marketing.

The Modern Approach to Marketing

Leads are great, but they’re not a reliable way to ratchet up your revenue growth these days. Terminus pioneered the account-based marketing movement to help marketers like you do what you do best: tell the right story to the right people at the right time.

Terminus makes it easy for you to…

Create precise target account segments by helping you leverage the most robust set of B2B data out there.

Run coordinated, multi-channel campaigns almost magically.

Get your sales team to take advantage of all the amazing work you’re doing.

Measure absolutely everything your entire go-to-market team is doing.

ROI You Can Count On

A Total Economic Impact report run independently by Forrester found that customers see an average 313% ROI by bringing go-to-market teams together to make them more effective.

Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact of Terminus

Power your entire pipeline with Terminus


Create meaningful brand awareness and education by putting personalized messages in front of your target account segments through display ads, social ads, and email signature ads.


Create acceleration campaigns that automatically respond to accounts as their journey progresses. Give you sales team deep account insights into how buying committees are engaging with your website and content. Help sales leaders predict their pipeline through propensity to buy.


Revenue growth starts with revenue retention. We make it easy to target your customer segments to keep your brand top of mind, alert them with updates, and maintain visibility into their stickiness with your CS team.

Cross-Sell and Expansion

Grow your existing customer revenue by running campaigns promoting different product lines or expand into more parts of their business by targeting different departments or locations with targeted ads.


You might call them ADRs, SDRs, BDRs. Regardless of what you call them, your outbound teams are the front line of your brand and your ABM program. Supercharge them by giving them actionable account insights, intent data, and a constant stream of engaged accounts created by Marketing.

It goes like this...

Marketing creates compelling, personalized campaigns to target account segments.

Accounts start taking notice and start visiting your website.

Terminus alerts the responsible reps who can then…

A) Say ‘hello’ right then and there with Terminus Chat

B) Prioritize their outreach and craft a thoughtful email or call based on the activity they displayed.

And when they do, they start booking 60% more meetings.

High five

Capture interest in the moment

Equip your outbound team with Terminus Live View, giving them a real-time look at everyone who’s currently visiting your website. From there, they can use Terminus Chat to initiate a conversation and start them along their customer journey.

Goodbye Forms, Hello Chat

Let’s be real– people hate filling out forms. Terminus Chat gives outbound teams the ability to interact with assigned accounts any time they visit the website, allowing them to focus on creating a relationship, not collecting a lead. Outbound reps can answer questions and chat with visitors even when they’re away from their computers with our mobile app. With our super-intuitive bot builder, you can create automated chat experiences that work around the clock.

Help Your Reps Prioritize Their Outreach

Terminus helps your outbound teams know who to reach out to, when to reach out to them, and what to say. With account insights that show who’s visiting and what they’re doing, your outbound team can craft better outreach that leads to 60% more opportunities being created.


Account-based marketing is not just marketing. Sales is every bit as responsible for account-based revenue generation. Terminus helps unite sales and marketing so that sales can convert on all the interest that marketing is generating for their most important accounts.


Understand How Your Target Accounts Are Engaging

Terminus tracks which people from what accounts are engaging with your ads, website, chat, and content and turns it into a vivid picture of their buying journey that’s accessible in their account record in your CRM.


Explore Your Universe of Relationships

Terminus Email tracks the frequency, recency, and velocity of your sales teams’ emails and meetings to quantify the strength of relationships between them and the buying committees in your target accounts. By measuring relationship strength your team can understand how well they’ve penetrated the account.

Get a Warm Introduction

Visually map who at your company has relationships with the individuals inside the accounts you’re trying to penetrate. Find the people who have the strongest relationships and get a warm introduction through them.

Gauge Propensity to Buy

Based on historical relationship patterns, Terminus can help predict how likely an opportunity is to become a customer to better predict your pipeline. Sales leadership can use these opportunities to coach on how to better engage– and close– your most important opportunities.

Lead-To-Account Matching

Terminus offers lead-to-account matching to automatically identify new or orphaned lead records and push them into the account where they belong. We make it easy for sales teams to focus on the entire buying group without having to lift a finger.

Like Netflix For Your Target Accounts

Only Terminus offers B2B psychographic profiling, allowing your reps to discover new target accounts that look, feel, and act just like the accounts they just closed. Either explore new accounts based on behavioral profiles, or enter in your favorite accounts to find hundreds just like them in seconds.


Retention is the new acquisition. Your customer team can use Terminus to stay engaged with your customers throughout their lifespan.

Account-Based Marketing at its Purest

Your customers are one of the most powerful and valuable segments to target– and if you’re new to account-based marketing it’s one of the best places to start your practice. Driving engagement with your existing customer base with custom tailored campaigns keeps retention rates high.

Stay Top of Mind with Customers

Brand awareness is just as important for your existing customers as it is for your future customers. Use Terminus to drive awareness of new enhancements, additional product lines, customer events, or any other important customer-facing initiatives.

Keep Relationships Healthy and Prevent Churn

Use intent data to understand what topics your customer segments are researching. Be alerted by customers researching competitors or alternatives so you keep their business. See the relationship data between your team and your customers to make sure you’re reaching out to the right people often enough to maintain a healthy relationship.

Import Engagement Data

Terminus automatically creates segments and turns on campaigns based on your CRM or Marketing Automation platform data. That means if you’ve got data like product utilization, NPS scores, or customer health scores, Terminus can respond to that to create alerts and automate campaigns to get them back on track.

Retention is the New Acquisition

Today’s revenue oriented marketing and customer teams need to focus on revenue retention more than ever before. We’ve put together this guide to help them understand how best to take an account-based approach to retention and expansion.

Download Retention is the New Acquisition

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