Case Study

Lumavate Adds Sigstr to ABM Strategy with Account-Specific Targeting

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Case Study

Introducing Lumavate

Founded in 2015, Lumavate is an enterprise platform for building progressive web apps (PWAs) at scale. Through the Lumavate platform, companies deliver highly-personalized mobile experiences throughout every stage of the customer journey.

With the knowledge that PWA is the future of mobile consumer engagement, Lumavate turned to Sigstr to not only help establish the company as a thought leader, but also reach key accounts with personalized messaging.

Establishing Lumavate’s Brand with Every Email Sent

When Lumavate was just starting out, the marketing team realized that in order to disrupt the mobile tech industry, they needed to establish a solid brand presence.

“PWAs was and still are a new concept,” explained Stephanie Cox, VP of Marketing, “We knew that in order to get attention, we had to establish credibility. And a consistent, recognizable brand was a great step in that direction.”

Lumavate wanted to establish a unified signature style with their entire team from the start so that as they continued to grow, their brand would remain strong. The marketing team started using Sigstr to create a consistent, professional brand presence through the employee email signature.

“Once we teamed up with Sigstr, we made sure that every new hire was set up with an email signature on day one,” said Jillian MacNulty, Senior Marketing Specialist, “It’s a practice that we still maintain to this day.”

With their brand gaining traction, the Lumavate marketing team started focusing on some of their more long term goals, most notably the need to find leads and drive them through the sales funnel. That’s where Sigstr’s ABM functionality came into play.

Using ABM Targeting to Connect on a Personal Level

One of the features that attracted Lumavate to Sigstr was the ability to align Sigstr campaign banners to specific accounts and contacts. Stephanie and Jillian wanted to be able to promote infographics, videos, case studies, and whitepapers to the right people at the right time.

“We were already taking an ABM approach in other marketing channels,” explained Stephanie, “Using Sigstr’s account-specific targeting was a natural extension of our strategy.”

Since Lumavate was already leveraging paid social ads, adding Sigstr to the mix didn’t create any added effort. “A lot of times, an ad someone sees on LinkedIn is the same one they’ll see in our email signatures,” said Jillian, “We think of Sigstr as an ad channel and being able to drive consistent messaging from multiple touch points gives us a huge advantage.”

Even though they were leveraging a multitude of marketing channels, the Lumavate team quickly realized that email signature marketing was by far the most pointed way they could expose their brand and message to target accounts.

“As a team, we’re sending over 300,000 emails a year,” said Jillian, “Each one of those emails is sent on a 1:1 level and promotes an ad that we, the marketing team, control. What more could you ask for?”

Analyzing the Results

Since implementing Sigstr, the Lumavate team has taken advantage of all the platform has to offer, running over 180 email signature campaigns at once and adopting new features like GIF campaigns immediately.

When asked about their best performing campaign, the marketing team called out their “Whiteboard Wednesday” campaign. The campaign promotes a 60 second video released weekly that discusses mobile technology, customer experiences, and general tech trends. With all the effort that goes into developing the content, the marketing team has been thrilled to see the amount of traffic Sigstr drives to their user channel. What they’ve found interesting is that when they re-launch the campaign banner every week, customers keep coming back and their subscriber base continues to grow.

But it’s not just customers taking notice. With the help of Sigstr, Lumavate has established a reputation of professionalism and care with prospects. In a world where mass email marketing rules, companies have appreciated Lumavate’s attention to detail and personalization.

“People really appreciate our approach,” said Stephanie, “The VP of Digital Marketing at a really large CPG brand told me that he gets 200 prospecting emails a day and that nobody reaches out to him in a more personalized way than Lumavate. We have Sigstr to thank for that.”

Teaming up with Sigstr turned out to be one of Lumavate’s best decisions as a young start-up in the mobile marketing industry. They were able to establish themselves as a brand and reach their targeted audience in a unique and personalized way. Most importantly, Sigstr is SOC 2 compliant and partners with AWS to provide a highly secure and available application, which provides even more trust for this successful partnership.