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New Case Study: Mapp Digital Uses Employee Email to Distribute Relevant Content Worldwide

The idea of marketers helping other marketers is at the core of Mapp Digital, one of the largest independent digital marketing companies in the world. With more than 450 employees across 12 countries, the international company with headquarters in San Diego focuses on helping brands stand out and reach their potential.

Mapp Digital is the result of the 2016 merging of two digital marketing powerhouses. As a new company, the marketing team had a lot to accomplish, including the promotion of their new website, their new blog, and the new Mapp brand as a whole.

Frustrated by lack of consistency across employee email and looking for ways to push their brand, Mapp’s marketing team implemented an email marketing strategy centered around Sigstr. A custom uniform email signature template created brand consistency among employees and Sigstr campaign banners introduced a new channel for marketing promotion.

Mapp Digital Sigstr

The first email signature campaign promoted a marketing study on e-commerce in different regions. Veronika Feriancek, Mapp’s Digital Marketing Manager, took advantage of Sigstr Groups and assigned the appropriate campaign, in the appropriate language, to employees in each region.

Mapp Digital Sigstr

Seeing the ways that Sigstr has already allowed Mapp to navigate the various difficulties and caveats of promoting content across different regions has helped them launch many other email signature campaigns. These clickable call-to-action banners help promote their webinars, regional events, large conferences, and even company awards.

Check out Mapp Digital’s full story by downloading the case study or watching the “Signature Stories” customer interview.

 Mapp Digital Sigstr           Mapp Digital Sigstr