5 Reasons We’ve Got a “Good Feeling” About #MKTGnation

5 reasons we've got a good feeling about Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit

The countdown to Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit is officially on, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Not only is the lineup of speakers, sessions, and parties unmatched, this year’s conference has a fantastic theme: “The Fearless Marketer.”

Now, some of you may know that I’ve been known to bust out a few jams from Flo Rida here and there. That’s why I’m so excited to share what I’m most looking forward to about the summit as inspired by the headliner of the Marketing Nation Party — none other than Mr. Rida himself. Let’s do it!


1. My House

I’m thrilled that Terminus is sponsoring Marketing Nation Summit alongside our BFFs at BrightFunnel. You’ll definitely want to stop by Booth 430 as you peruse the expo floor. Come chat about account-based marketing and marketing analytics with our specialists, and while you’re there, grab an “I ❤ ABM” t-shirt and cookie!

P.S. Word on the street is that while we won’t be popping any bottles of champagne a la Flo Rida, we just might have a frozen margarita machine at the booth on Tuesday afternoon!


How to operationalize ABM and win as one revenue team at Marketo Marketing Nation Summit

2. Wild Ones

Last year, my team at Terminus went through an amazing ABM transformation — a wild one, you might say. We worked together as one revenue team to scale down our list of target accounts and restructure many of our internal processes. This journey was not a marketing-only initiative. It was led by both our CMO, Peter Herbert, and our chief revenue officer, Todd McCormick.

Now the dynamic duo is teaming up with Planview superstars Kristen Wendel and Sarah Ezell, who have gone through their own unique ABM transformation. In this session, both revenue teams will tell their real, unfiltered stories and results that won over their CEOs and boards. Be sure to check out their session on Tuesday, May 1st at 4 p.m.!


All 'Bout Margaritas happy hour

3. Going Down For Real

You already know I’m a fan of margaritas (see “My House”). Now it’s time to take it up a level with our All ‘Bout Margaritas happy hour with our friends from BrightFunnel, Sigstr, and Uberflip. Join us at Uno Dos Tacos for a pre-party before the Marketing Nation Party on Tuesday.

No PowerPoints. No sales pitches. Just a bunch of movers and shakers in the ABM space getting together to enjoy each others’ company. It’s going down for real.


9 account-based marketing sessions at MKTGnation

4. Good Feeling

Once again, I’ve got a good feeling account-based marketing will be a hot topic of discussion at the conference. After all, there are dozens of sessions dedicated to ABM. Some of the ones I’m looking forward to most are:

  • How VersionOne Engaged with 88% of Target Accounts for ABM
  • Partner to Win: How to Take an Account-Based Approach with Marketo
  • Make Your Marketing Matter More with Intent Data

Check out this blog post for details and to see more account-based marketing sessions I can’t wait to attend.


Flo Rida gif

5. Zillionaire

After three days of learning from the experts, connecting with your fellow marketers, and discovering new tools in the expo area, you are destined to implement a killer ABM program that will bring in the dough! I love the energy after coming back from an awesome conference with the feeling that you can take on the world. And with account-based marketing, you can get started right away. The greatest part about ABM is that you can start small and expand your program as you figure out what drives the best results.


I can’t wait to see everyone at the summit! I’m looking forward to chatting about ABM with savvy marketers. Schedule time to talk or keep a look out for me…I’ll be wearing my boots with the fur!