MarTech Person Of The Month: Ann Handley

You may have seen one of our recent blog posts promoting an upcoming MarTech event in San Francisco. We are also kicking off another new blog series that will profile powerful influencers in the MarTech industry, from names you’ve heard to names you haven’t — but should.

We’d like to begin our series by profiling a well-known social influencer and content marketing thought leader, Ann Handley.

3 Reasons You Should Know Ann Handley

1. She’s a digital pioneer.

Ann Handley started her career as a business journalist and editor, and has since gone on to co-found ClickZ.com, write a Wall Street Journal bestseller called Everybody Writes, co-author a second bestseller on content marketing, and become the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, a training and education company for marketers. With books translated into nine languages and more than 260,000 Twitter followers, it’s safe to say that Ann Handley knows what she’s doing.

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2. She’s a fountain of knowledge.

No matter what area of B2B marketing you identify with, Ann Handley’s advice on marketing strategy, content marketing, social media, and general marketing can help you become a better marketer. Her experience is highly valued by the marketing community, which is why you’ll often find her speaking at events like Content Marketing World or hosting a webinar on content best practices.

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3. She can help!

The majority of Ann Handley’s speaking and writing focuses on how marketers can rethink the way that their businesses market. Many marketers are struggling to keep up and stay relevant as the industry evolves, especially when it comes to areas like content marketing. Ann’s leadership in the content space has helped many companies stay on track in these changing times.

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4 Resources to Check Out

It’s hard to recommend just a few resources to those who are interested in learning more about Ann — especially since she’s a content-generating machine — but here are a few we’d recommend:

1. AnnHandley.com – Ann’s website is a great place to start to learn more about her career, but the part we like most is her blog (keep in mind that Ann was recognized by ForbesWoman as one of the top 20 women bloggers). Check out one of her latest posts, 50 Shades of Mediocrity: Does Content Have to Be Good, or Just Good Enough?, to get a taste of her spunky writing style.

2. Everybody Writes: Your Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content – Get a full rundown of what it takes to succeed with content marketing in Ann’s bestselling book.

3. Content Marketing World – If you’ve never been to the world’s largest content marketing event, hosted by Content Marketing Institute, it’s definitely worth checking out. Ann Handley will be a breakout keynote speaker at the event.

3. MarketingProfs.com – Last but not least, check out the MarketingProfs website for marketing resources and education opportunities that will put you at the front of the pack.

Stay tuned for profiles of more notable marketing thought leaders in the next post in our series!