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Terminus & Bombora Partner to Operationalize Data-Driven Account-Based Marketing


Terminus Bombora Partnership to add Intent Data ABM

B2B marketers can use buying intent and website engagement data to target accounts with Terminus account-based advertising.

Today, I’m excited to announce Terminus’ new partnership with Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data. The partnership will bring together Bombora Company Surge™ data with Terminus’ best-in-class website engagement data to allow B2B marketers to more easily and effectively operationalize account-based marketing.

By combining Bombora and Terminus data, B2B marketers can prioritize target accounts using trending intent and engagement signals. This allows you to get laser-focused on accounts that are demonstrating active demand for a solution like yours based on the keywords they’re researching and how they’re engaging with your website.  You can use this data to execute smarter, more relevant account-based advertising campaigns through the Terminus ABM platform and to trigger other marketing activities and sales outreach.

How Bombora and Terminus Deliver Results

We’ve seen the success of using Bombora with Terminus firsthand. Bombora is a critical part of our internal “Fit + Intent + Engagement” model for ABM, which we use to operationalize account-based marketing and align our entire organization around a focused go-to-market strategy. We use intent and engagement data to prioritize accounts, trigger account-based advertising, and alert sales to take action.

A number of our customers already use Bombora to trigger account-based advertising tactics with Terminus. One such customer is Attivio, an industry-leading cognitive search and insight platform. They’ve seen 3X increases in both unique visitors and total visits to their website specifically from target accounts. Nearly 70% of the pipeline Attivio has generated since implementing the solution has been influenced by Terminus campaigns. Check out their case study for more details.

What This Partnership Means for You

Now, you can purchase Bombora data directly from Terminus and access reports that integrate intent and engagement data for your target accounts. These reports make it easy to optimize account-based advertising campaigns and trigger other ABM tactics. You will have clear insight into which accounts need to be engaged with Terminus ads and which are ready for sales outreach. In 2018, we will integrate intent data into the Terminus platform to power dynamic audiences, advertising automation, and deeper account reporting.

Terminus chose to partner with Bombora because its Company Surge™ data is the most robust signal for measuring active demand for an account. Uniquely, Bombora measures intent signals across many data and content sources with nearly 30 billion data points processed each quarter. Bombora establishes a baseline of activity for specific accounts and then measures account-based increases in content consumption around specific keywords, selected by you. Combined with Terminus’ highly accurate web engagement data, this capability helps you to understand which accounts are actively researching and likely to buy.

Operationalize ABM with Terminus and Bombora

There are quite a few ways to operationalize intent and engagement data with Terminus’ account-based advertising. Here are some of the most common use cases:

Pre-Targeting Campaigns
A pre-targeting campaign in Terminus allows you to reach the entire buying committee at your target accounts to build awareness about and drive engagement with your brand. This type of campaign is perfect for accounts that are in-market for a solution like yours, but have not yet engaged with you.

You can easily identify the accounts to add to your pre-targeting campaigns using the weekly report you receive when you use Bombora with Terminus. This report will show the Bombora Surge Score™ alongside web engagement — web visits, unique visitors, pages visited, and more — for each target account. Terminus’ Account-Based Visitor ID feature measures web engagement by company, identifying anonymous web traffic and aggregating it at the account level.

Measure the success of your pre-targeting campaigns by the increase in account web engagement. A surge in web engagement indicates that your solution is now being considered by that account. With Account-Based Visitor ID data, you can see when the entire buying committee at the account is warmed up and ready for sales outreach.

Account Nurture Campaigns

Utilize an account nurture campaign when you see an account that is surging on intent and engagement. When the Bombora Surge Score™ and web engagement metrics are both surging for an account, it’s time to add the account to an account nurture campaign in Terminus and alert sales to take action.

Traditionally, digital advertising has been mostly reserved for the top of the funnel, but account-based advertising is different. It’s critical to nurture this account with targeted advertising as soon as your sales team begins outreach. Account-based advertising reaches the key stakeholders and influencers at the target account and provides the perfect air cover for sales. By aligning the message in the advertising with your sales outreach, you ensure that the entire buying committee is aware of your value proposition and will be more receptive to one-on-one conversations.

With this strategy, you will see improved opportunity creation rates and more pipeline. Terminus’ ABM measurement tools will allow you to see which of these accounts convert to an opportunity, making reporting easy.

Personalize Account-Based Advertising Campaigns at Scale

Personalization is an important part of account-based marketing. Done well, it produces superior results, but it is quite hard for most marketing teams to do. Most often, marketers will personalize outreach by using the account’s name in marketing assets.

While this type of personalization is great, the Terminus + Bombora partnership allows you to go deeper. When you purchase Bombora through Terminus, you will see a Surge Score™ measuring the increase in content consumption based on 12 keywords or topics you select. For each of your target accounts, you will also see an individual Topic Surge Score™ for every keyword.

Armed with this granular insight, you can create account-based advertising campaigns with creative and content based on each keyword (or a cluster of keywords). When target accounts are showing increases in a particular keyword, you can add them to the advertising campaign for that keyword.

Furthermore, since Terminus reporting allows you to review the account web engagement for each campaign, you can alert sales to the most engaged accounts and have them trigger a play that is aligned with the keyword.

This type of personalization, where you adapt your marketing and sales message to the exact keywords and topics the target account is showing increased interest for, is incredibly powerful. Being able to operationalize it for many accounts across multiple campaigns will make you a hero in your organization.

Learn More About Terminus + Bombora

These use cases only scratch the surface of what the Terminus + Bombora partnership can enable. Learn more about how Terminus uses Bombora and operationalizes ABM across the entire buyer’s journey from our #OneTeam webinar.

To learn more about the Terminus + Bombora partnership and how it can help your marketing team, schedule a time to chat with one of our ABM experts.

If you’re a current Terminus customer and want to learn more about this partnership, contact your customer success manager or email [email protected].[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]