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Terminus Takes Their ABM Program to the Next Level with New Insight into Their Top Tier Accounts

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Case Study

Introducing ABM Thought Leader, Terminus

Terminus helps B2B marketers run efficient ABM programs at scale. They offer an end-to-end ABM command center for targeting the right accounts with dynamic data, engaging them with unified multi-channel campaigns, activating sales by separating signal from noise, and reporting on the revenue outcomes that matter.

As a pioneer and thought leader in the ABM space, Terminus is always on the lookout for new and better ways to execute effective ABM strategies. It is that drive that led Terminus’s marketing team to Sigstr.

Selecting the Right Fit Accounts

For most marketing teams, the hardest part of executing an ABM strategy is step #1 – selecting  the “right fit” accounts. Where do you even begin? It’s difficult to know what criteria to use or even how many accounts to zero in on.

By leveraging Sigstr’s relationship intelligence alongside their own technology, Terminus was able to create a foolproof account selection process . With the help of Sigstr, their marketing team analyzed the email and calendar patterns of all Terminus employees to score the company’s relationship with every inbound lead. They were then able to use this data as a component of their account scoring model, a model that guides their entire ABM program.

“We use a Datafox scoring model to select the best fit, most likely to buy accounts for our ABM efforts,” explains Ryan Vitello, Sales Development Manager at Terminus, “That model is constantly evolving. Now that we have access to Sigstr, relationship scores account for around 10% of the overall scoring model. That’s a huge impact!”

With a newfound confidence in their ABM targets, Terminus was able to focus on the second pillar of account-based marketing, engagement.

Leveraging a New ABM Channel

Terminus has always been a pro at  executing ABM campaigns through a number of ad and marketing channels. After all, that’s the philosophy their business is built on! However, when the marketing team came across Sigstr, they realized there was an ABM channel they hadn’t yet tapped into; employee email.

“The addition seemed like a natural extension of our ABM playbook,” explains Stephanie Kelly, Director of Account-Based Marketing at Terminus, “Once we realized that employee email represented an untapped ad channel where we could reach target accounts on a personal level, we were all in.”

Sigstr’s targeting functionality gives marketers the ability to align email signature campaigns to specific audience lists. Terminus already had their ABM lists ready to go so it was just a matter of targeting those accounts through 1:1 email interactions. Adding Sigstr to the mix was an easy way to deliver a 100% consistent cross-channel experience to their most important audiences.

Sigstr Terminus case study

Tracking Key Opportunities

A huge obstacle in tracking the success of Terminus’s ABM initiatives was that the data available to their marketing team was limited to the top of the funnel. They  didn’t have a lot of visibility into what was happening in late stage sales opportunities.

With the help of Sigstr’s relationship-based intent data, that all changed. Terminus was able to understand how their most important contacts were engaging through the entire customer lifecycle. They gained visibility into their pipeline by understanding how relationships were trending inside target accounts which enabled them to make the best strategic decisions to maintain sales momentum.

“Once accounts are selected and passed over to our Sales Development Reps, it’s extremely important for our leadership team to understand how relationships inside those accounts are progressing,” explains Vitello, “Ultimately, the KPI we’re tracking against is opportunity creation. It’s not calls or emails or some other vanity metric. We need to have a view into the signals of intent that directly impact our bottom line.”

Sigstr Terminus case study

An added benefit for Terminus was the fact that Sigstr offers a Terminus Account Hub Integration. By leveraging the integration, the marketing team was able to pull account scores directly into their Terminus Account Hub. With access to a single source of truth, Terminus was able to unify their sales and marketing teams through deeper, full-funnel account intelligence and shared insights for accountability.

Ultimately, adding Sigstr to their tech stack made Terminus  an even stronger ABM player. They were able to add a brand new channel to reach and measure their target accounts while creating a stronger bond between Sales and Marketing.