Terminus Comes Out on Top of G2Crowd’s Spring 2019 ABM Platform Reviews

If you take a look at G2Crowd’s breakdown of popular marketing software categories, you may notice a familiar term positioned at the top of the list: account-based marketing. ABM has officially taken center stage as a B2B growth strategy, along with the account-based technology that supports it.

That’s why we’re especially proud that Terminus is now a top performer across account-based marketing categories on G2 Crowd. This is our favorite award of the year because it’s driven by reviews and experiences of real customers.

We’re excited to announce that Terminus has been named a category leader in a number of account-based and related categories in G2Crowd’s spring update of the best software providers. Namely, Terminus was identified as a leader in the following categories:

When compared alongside other popular ABM platforms, the Terminus ABM platform was commended for its ease of use, in-depth analytics and reporting, and a full suite of features.

In fact, Terminus is one of only two software providers that checked every box on G2Crowd’s list of ABM Execution features.

G2Crowd ABM Execution ChecklistOver the years, the Terminus team has wholeheartedly focused on providing best-in-class account-based marketing services to our customers.

The Terminus story is one for the books – as the ABM landscape has evolved, so have we. We’ve shifted from solely providing account-based advertising tools to closing the loop by developing an all-in-one platform that provides customers a host of account-based tools, from advertising to reporting to account management.

And we’ve evolved right alongside our platform to ensure every Terminus team member (from marketing to sales to customer success) is up to date on the latest account-based marketing strategies and innovations. That’s why we use our own platform to run account-based campaigns, and it’s why we focus so heavily on continued education as the market heads towards a new era of “ABM 2.0”- the faster, wiser, and more sophisticated older brother to foundational ABM strategy.

Our customers are a driving force behind Terminus platform updates and iterations – we rely heavily on customer feedback to provide insights into what we’re doing well (and what could be improved or what would make their ABM journeys easier).

Here are a few recent examples of what Terminus customers have to say about their experience:

G2Crowd ABM Terminus Review

G2Crowd ABM Terminus Review

G2Crowd ABM Terminus Review

This feedback, along with seeing our logo at the top of the charts on G2Crowd’s platform reviews, isn’t just a nice pat on the back for the Terminus team. It’s a signal that our goal – to drive quality growth in B2B organizations with ABM – is well underway, and that we’re continuing to move in the right direction.

We’re by no means slowing down anytime soon, and we’re grateful to the customers and industry partners who have supported us every step of the way.

To learn more about our new features and explore the Terminus platform for yourself, reach out to our team today!