Introducing: The SDR Wars

Click. No. Not now. Wrong number. Voicemail. Stop calling. Send email. Send LinkedIn request. Voicemail. Email.

“Sure, that sounds interesting. Tell more more.” A positive response! And a booked meeting.

What did I do differently? Why does this person want to talk to me? Was it my tone? Timing of the call? Who I called? What I said?

Sound familiar sales development superstars? This job is hard and the community is small. Alongside the team at ZoomInfo, we’re making an effort to connect that community to accelerate training, build trusted networks, make friends, and have fun by rallying around our profession. Introducing…The SDR Wars!

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We’re beyond excited to kick off the first ever head-to-head sales development competition. And it will be all be moderated and emceed by Morgan Ingram, founder of The SDR Chronicles and Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training.

Bi-annually, we will be showcasing sales development teams from some of the world’s best sales organizations to see who has the best outbound team in the business. The winner of The SDR Wars will take home a killer prize and bragging rights as the hardest hustling team out there.

The competition will include 16 sales development teams going against one another in a friendly bracket-style competition to develop and elevate their sales development skills. Participating teams include: Terminus, TINYpulse, ZoomInfo, Vidyard, SalesLoft, Zoom, Everstring, Emplify, MINDBODY, Return Path, and more. Our first competition will start on Tuesday, March 13th.

SDR Wars

Additional perks include access to the sales development slack channel and some good ol’ swag.

Interested in joining? You’re in luck! Additional team slots are still available. To enter your sales development team for the opportunity to take home The SDR Wars trophy, find the team in green at this year’s Rainmaker event. Or, visit for more information.

Sigstr at Rainmaker