New Video: How to Create Powerful Email Signatures

How you close an email leaves a lasting brand impression. What if you could create brand consistency, share content or give your officemates the heads up about Hawaiian shirt day next week with just one click?

Sigstr unlocks employee email as an owned marketing channel. And we love to create resources our clients will actually find value in. Which is exactly why we decided to make another video! This time we’re giving you the how-to on creating powerful email signatures in 45-seconds.

Check it out below (and keep scrolling to get a look at the behind-the-scenes and video brief)!

Behind the video:

The roster of design talent involved the makers of our Sigstr in :60 promotional video, plus a few new creative masterminds. The work on this project echoed the techniques used for the former. It’s a gritty kind of animation that pans over a landscape of rising and falling illustrations. I worked really tight in the first round with Sigstr in :60, so it was important to add in new faces for this production.

Our team has been working to create a strong visual identity for our brand, separated from the usual tech-talk companies. This new style has provided a new life and, ultimately, a different language to the visualization of Sigstr.

Everything we created was based on a set of illustrations that transcended the simplicity of creating powerful email signatures. But to say the visualization was simple to create – well, that’d just be a bold-faced lie. It was fun, but it was hard. How do we get these themes across? How do we show people how easy it is to leverage and turn it into real dollars that add to your bottom line?

It was an insanely personal process, but we had fun with it. I’d create a rough storyboard, and we’d work together to edit it, then I’d go back to my drawing board and after about a dozen Sharpies (yes the pens, I’m obsessed), I’d have another draft.

We learned no idea is precious, every idea is a good idea, but some can be great when it comes from someone with a fresh perspective.

Video brief:

After creating Sigstr in :60 to describe the point to Sigstr and why it’s a marketer’s bff, we wanted to make something to show you how to use it. The idea was to find a way to show the build-add-launch-optimize process. Then, show you how to tell your story to your most important contacts with powerful email signatures.


We stuck with a modern, friendly, professional and clean tone. Clean and crisp – like Baked Lays minus the salt residue.


One of the biggest differentiators about Sigstr is our services. We hold your hand through the entire process to create the most powerful email signatures based on analytics that’ll translate into real ROI. We build confidence into your Sigstr admin to take ownership, and we help to navigate the map of this owned marketing medium.

And, as a high-growth mar-tech company, we shift fast. And we’re able to extend use and functionality to align with customer wants and needs. So in the last several months, based on customer feedback, we created a way to bundle campaigns and on-brand signatures, a change we wanted to talk about in our newest video.


The challenge at hand was to figure out how to honor the original social media while telling a bigger story on how Sigstr helps. We don’t always talk about email as a social channel like Facebook or Twitter, but in reality, it’s the original. (Don’t pretend like you don’t remember getting your first AOL CD in the mail and spamming your friends with kick-ass content).

We also wanted to pay nod to the analog world because email is, in its truest form, simply human connection. We needed to find a way to create a visualization for the connection. That’s where our tiles came in.

Throughout design school, I’d always been fascinated with the tiled approach for illustration. I really wanted to find a way to fit it into our new brand standards, which launched with the video. The illustrated tiles fit perfectly with the idea of saving time and energy – the idea behind Sigstr.

To bring that look to life, we created a sequence built around animated illustrations showing the functions of Sigstr. We show marketing teams how to take ownership of their brand and use email as an owned marketing channel.

Who knew one click could be so powerful?

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