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New Terminus Weekly ABM Report Delivers Actionable Account-Based Marketing Metrics to Your Inbox

Communicate Account-Based Marketing Results and Improve Sales-Marketing Alignment with the Terminus Weekly ABM Report

Imagine delivering a list of your hottest accounts to the sales team every Monday morning. How would they respond?

What if you could provide your leadership team with weekly results from your account-based advertising program, such as all of the new marketing-influenced opportunities and won deals?

Now you can! The new Terminus Weekly ABM Report empowers you to alert sales to the most engaged accounts, report on the results of your ABM efforts, and track the performance of account-based advertising campaigns — all delivered weekly to your inbox.

Let’s dive into the data provided in each week’s email and how you can put it into action.

Alert Sales to “Hot” Accounts

Gain visibility into the most engaged target accounts from the past week. Last Week’s Top Accounts highlights the accounts with the most unique website visitors as well as those that have seen the most ad impressions and those with the highest number of clicks. These metrics provide sales insight into how aware and engaged the buying committee is at each target account — data that can complement or even supplant lead scores.

Share this list of top accounts with your sales team to help them initiate and prioritize their outreach based on the accounts that engaged with your brand the previous week. Sales will be excited to have this type of insight into the accounts they’re working because real-time data like this can help improve opportunity creation and win rates. Help sales strike while the iron is hot!

See & Share Key Account-Based Marketing Results

With the ability to view both weekly and lifetime results, the Terminus Weekly ABM Report provides the data you need to monitor your campaigns and report internally on your success. The email provides a dashboard of high-level ABM results from the past week as well as overall performance of all of your Terminus account-based advertising campaigns.

In Last Week’s Performance, you’ll have access to a high-level view of how your Terminus efforts drove engagement, website visits, opportunity creation, and closed-won revenue.

This section shows key results from the previous week, including:

  • Engaged Accounts – Shows the number of active accounts that have seen at least one Terminus ad during the previous week and the total media spend used on those accounts.
  • Visiting Accounts – Shows how many accounts that were served ads the previous week also visited your website. Terminus’ Account-Based Visitor ID identifies a web visitor’s company even if s/he doesn’t complete a web form.
  • Opened Opportunities – Shows how many opportunities were opened within target accounts that were influenced by Terminus account-based advertising in the past week. It also includes the value of marketing-influenced pipeline.
  • Won Deals – Shows the number of deals won from accounts that have seen Terminus ads over the previous week, as well as the dollar value of these deals, to showcase marketing’s influence on revenue.

You can share this data with leadership to show how your ABM efforts with Terminus are influencing pipeline and revenue to move the needle on topline results.

Quickly Analyze Overall Performance of Active Terminus Advertising Campaigns

Keep a pulse on the lifetime progress of all active account-based advertising campaigns in Terminus with Overall Progress: Active Campaigns.

The Overall Progress: Active Campaigns section of the email displays:

  • The total number of accounts currently active in each campaign.
  • How many impressions, clicks, and website visits each campaign drove overall.
  • The total number of target accounts that have progressed to at least the next positive stage in the marketing and sales funnel.
  • The revenue value of those progressed accounts.

Monitoring lifetime results from Terminus campaigns helps you understand the impact of account-based advertising on target account engagement and progression. Share these results with your marketing team to identify areas of success and areas for improvement. Use the data to identify campaigns that need more supporting tactics or resources, and (of course) celebrate your wins!

Know Which Tactics Need Attention Each Week

Each Terminus campaign is made up of one or more advertising tactics. In order to keep the campaign running smoothly, it’s important to know when specific tactics are paused, out of budget, or completed. With this info, you can quickly take take action if necessary.

The All Tactics with Status Changes section of the email shows an up-to-date view of tactics that had a status change during the previous week, so you’ll know which tactics you may need to review or modify.

Learn More

If you’re a Terminus customer, you will receive the Terminus Weekly ABM Report each Monday. If you’d like to add any other recipients from your team to the email or have any questions, please reach out to your CSM or [email protected].

If you’re not currently using Terminus and would like to be able to provide your sales team actionable account data and more, please request a meeting with one of our ABM experts.