Video: 16 Female Sales Leaders We Admire #WomenInSales

Join Us in Celebrating #WomenInSales

“There aren’t enough women in sales leadership roles, so let’s change the numbers,” says Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist.

According to LinkedIn’s user data, only 39% of sales positions were held by women in 2014. While that number has likely increased slightly since then, we’re still not where we need to be — especially, as Jill says, when it comes to female sales leaders.

But one thing’s for sure: what we’re lacking in numbers, we make up for in talent. In honor of International Women’s Day 2017, HubSpot and WOMEN Sales Pros partnered up to bring together inspiring sales leaders to help celebrate all the incredible, inspiring #WomenInSales.

Watch the short #WomenInSales celebration video below!

We’re excited and proud to be part of this initiative to help shine a spotlight on outstanding women who work in sales. After all, our sales team is led by one of them — Tonni Bennett, who you’ll meet below — and she inspires us every day.

Remarkable Women Paving the Way for #WomenInSales

Want to connect with these inspirational ladies? Check out our #WomenInSales list on Twitter to follow talented women who are changing the world of sales, including the following women featured in the video.

Terminator Tonni Bennett on the Woman in Sales She Admires Most

“The woman in sales that I admire is Amanda Faillo. She’s an account executive at Terminus, and she has this ability on the phone with prospects to be magnetic and engaging but still to be able to move a sale forward in a way that makes a prospect feel like they’re not being sold to, but they’re working with someone who’s almost a friend.”

– Tonni Bennett, VP of Sales at Terminus Account-Based Marketing

Your Turn!

Who are the women in sales you admire most? Give a shout-out to your sales role models on Twitter using the hashtag #WomenInSales and we’ll add them to the list.

Happy International Women’s Day, and happy selling!