Introducing the ABM Terminal! Account-Based Marketing Resources

Account-based marketing ABM resources - the Terminal

Terminus has created the ABM Terminal, your go-to destination for account-based marketing resources!

The ABM Terminal was designed to help B2B marketing teams get started with ABM or to get laser-focused on a specific area of your account-based marketing program. Quick trivia:

Terminus comes from the Latin word termini, which means “end of the line” or “intersection.”

Here at Terminus, we believe ABM represents the intersection of marketing and technology; after all, it’s marketing technology that enables B2B marketers to do ABM at scale.

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We built the ABM Terminal with account-based marketing resources to educate B2B marketers on how to execute ABM activities and campaigns across all stages of the buyer’s journey and customer experience. The Terminal is divided into four stages:

account-based-marketing-resources-fundamentalsFundamentals of Account-Based Marketing

If your B2B team is launching an account-based marketing program, the resources here will help provide you with a foundational understanding of ABM. For example, if you need to get buy-in from your executive team to start doing ABM, these resources can help! In the Fundamentals of ABM section, you will find:

The CMO Blueprint for Account-Based Marketing: ABM 101 – This introductory e-book was created in collaboration with Jay Baer and his team at Convince and Convert. It’s also available as a SlideShare.

Worksheet: Building Your Core Account-Based Marketing & Sales Team – For information on how to build your “smarketing” team and assign roles for ABM success, check out this checklist.

Beginner’s Account-Based Marketing Tech Stack: Speed Shift Media – Hear from our ABM Superhero Renold Liu about how his small marketing team got started with ABM and is already seeing success using Terminus.

The Blueprint to ABM – Download this e-book to learn more about executing ABM from start to finish, complete with 20+ pages of worksheets.

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demand-generation-account-based-marketingDemand Generation

In ABM, demand generation is all about turning high-quality prospects into qualified accounts. It marks the start of an account’s journey with your company. Learn more about the best practices for taking an account-based approach in your demand gen activities and campaigns, including:

How WP Engine Generated 28% More Opportunities with Account-Based Marketing – Learn from our ABM Superheroes at WP Engine on how they got laser-focused on a target group of accounts to generate “ridiculous conversions.”

Worksheet: Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for Account-Based Marketing – Use this worksheet to help identify and prioritize your target accounts. After all, you can’t market and sell to accounts if you don’t know who they are!

Demand Generation KPIs for Account-Based Marketing – The goal of demand generation is to progress an account to an opportunity for sales; however, you also need key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the way you’re generating demand within your MQAs.

Terminus on Terminus: Demand Generation Campaigns – Here’s how we “drink our own champagne” at Terminus to generate demand within target accounts using ABM.

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Pipeline Velocity

The key to running successful pipeline velocity campaigns is to shorten the time spent in each stage and move accounts through the buyer’s journey faster. For ABM pipeline velocity resources, check out:

Wanna Go Fast? Measuring Pipeline Velocity with Account-Based Marketing – This content explains account-based KPIs that matter for pipeline velocity campaigns, including account progression and engagement metrics throughout the funnel.

How Terminus Runs ABM Campaigns for Pipeline Velocity – This is a case study of our own approach to pipeline velocity for ABM, using stage-based Terminus ads and direct mail to support our AEs’ conversations with accounts. It includes KPIs we measure, examples of real Terminus ads we’ve run, and campaign results.

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Customer Marketing

The ultimate goal of customer marketing in ABM is to increase revenue, decrease churn, and build lasting relationships with your clients. Check out these customer account marketing resources, including:

Customer Marketing: The Missing Piece of the ABM Puzzle – This introductory article explains what customer marketing is, why it matters for ABM (with stats), and three ways it generates revenue. This is particularly useful for marketing teams that are new to customer marketing, especially ones that sell to enterprise companies.

Terminus on Terminus: Building a Customer Marketing Program with ABM – This article explains how our marketing and customer success teams work together to use account-based marketing and the Terminus platform for customer marketing.

Worksheet: Mapping Your Marketing Content to the Customer Journey – Download this editable worksheet to map which pieces of content you’ll leverage or create for each stage of the customer journey and different customer-targeted ABM campaigns.

How to Measure the Success of Customer Marketing ABM Campaigns – This article looks at all the account-level metrics you should be tracking for customer marketing campaigns and best practices for collecting qualitative feedback from your customers.

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