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Finally, Account-Based Retargeting for B2B Marketers

Ahh, retargeting. The digital marketer’s go-to.

By focusing display impressions on people who have already been exposed to your brand via your website, you see better CTRs and more return visits. But as any digital marketer can attest, retargeting is far from perfect.

Why Retargeting Can Do Better for B2B

For serious B2B marketers, traditional retargeting has always had a few challenges.

  • You have to guess who you’re retargeting. If you only sell one product to one audience, traditional retargeting is no problem. But as soon as you offer differentiated products and services, or sell into multiple industries, you have to do inference backflips to try to serve the right messaging to the right personas based on the pages they visit. For advanced B2B marketers who know that personalization and pinpoint messaging is key, this can be infuriating.
  • You waste a lot of money on competitors, job seekers, or visitors who are otherwise not your ideal customer. While today’s retargeting solutions let you filter out visitors to specific URLs, like your form thank-you pages, or suppress people already in your CRM, they do little to help you weed out that competing marketing manager poking around in your resources library, or the idle user just checking out your website design.
  • It’s difficult to fold traditional retargeting into the rest of your ABM reporting. For marketing teams operating a scaled ABM program, retargeting often remains siloed away from the rest of your account-based orchestration. This makes it challenging to tie the channel to any real results at the account level.

Advertise to the Right People with Terminus Account-Based Retargeting

We’re happy to announce account-based retargeting as part of the Terminus ABM Platform. With account-based retargeting, B2B marketers can target visitors to specific URLs, layering in firmographic filters (such as size or industry) and the individual’s characteristics (such as function or seniority).

This means that instead of guessing who someone is based on the pages they visit, you can develop a precise segment and retarget them with cohort-specific messaging based on their company size, industry, or department.

Why do we love account-based retargeting?

  • Lower your retargeting costs by spending only on the visitors who matter to you.
  • Comfortably deliver industry-specific messaging without worrying about alienating audiences who aren’t in that industry.
  • Talk benefits with different departments within the same account. As more people from an account come to your site, you can point them to the features or product lines they’ll care about most.
  • Get more from a single platform by combining your retargeting programs with the rest of your account-based digital advertising, orchestration, and reporting.

Available Now for Terminus Customers

Eligible Terminus customers can add retargeting to their existing platform subscription today. Contact your customer success manager to learn more.