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May 29, 2019

Bring Powerful Ad Targeting Into Every SalesLoft Email

Category: Sales

Sigstr’s SalesLoft integration keeps getting better and better! Now, you can leverage the power of Sigstr’s ABM functionality in SalesLoft email cadences. Start targeting your most valuable prospects and customers with personalized email signature ads in every 1:1 interaction.

Enhance your marketing efforts within the SalesLoft cadence application by appending a Sigstr signature and campaign to every SalesLoft email communication. Whenever you make a change in Sigstr, the update will automatically be reflected in SalesLoft. Your marketing team will never have to lose sleep over the thought of your sales team sharing stale or irrelevant content again.

By combining Sigstr’s targeting capabilities with SalesLoft’s email volume, you can be sure that your marketing content will get the exposure it deserves. Expand your ABM efforts beyond Gmail and Outlook and start targeting specific accounts and contacts through SalesLoft.

Target Top Accounts & Contacts

Sigstr’s ABM functionality gives marketers the ability to align email signature campaigns to specific audience lists. Whenever an end user emails someone on an audience list, the specified campaign banner is served. With the integration enabled, this same functionality is applied when communicating via SalesLoft.

You can use Sigstr ABM to create a relevant content experience for specific accounts, or you can target by region, persona, industry, opportunity stage, and more. Have a regional event coming up? Encourage prospects in the area to register via Sigstr. Releasing a case study about a customer in the retail space? Promote it to prospects in the same industry. Launching an ebook geared towards CEOs? Make sure top executives can find it in every employee email signature that comes from your company. The options are endless.

Influence the Entire Revenue Journey

According to 6Sense, 70% of B2B marketers say they are measured on the amount of revenue generated from marketing campaigns and lead-generation activities. In today’s day and age, sales and marketing teams own a single revenue number together and marketing is responsible for more than just the top of the funnel.

The problem is that more often than not, marketers feel like they don’t have influence over the entire revenue journey. Many times, they lose control after handing leads over to Sales Development Reps. Luckily, with Sigstr’s SalesLoft integration, that narrative is changing.

Your SDRs are the link between marketing and sales efforts – and they’re sending more emails than anyone else in the company. By leveraging Sigstr’s SalesLoft integration, your marketing team can finally control the message and content that is promoted throughout every stage of your sales cycle, all without your SDRs lifting a finger. You can create a content journey to help accelerate prospects and customers through your pipeline. And bonus, tap into Sigstr’s analytics to know when key accounts and contacts are engaging with your content and how deals are progressing.

When you think about how many emails your SDRs are sending through SalesLoft to your most important prospects and customers, it only makes sense to use the opportunity to promote timely, relevant content. Something as simple as an email signature banner can make the difference between Closed Won and Closed Lost. Start leveraging Sigstr’s SalesLoft integration today!

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